Pearl Abyss announced that it is giving out “J’s Hammer of Precision” to all new and existing Adventurers in Black Desert as a gift. The mighty hammer teased its first appearance in Black Desert’s April Fool’s Day video, triggering curiosity among Adventurers.

J’s Hammer of Precision holds the ultimate power of preventing a drop in enhancement level, or destruction when failing accessory enhancements. Adventurers, especially veterans, can attempt to enhance their desired accessory without spending Cron Stones. The hammer can be obtained until November 27, 2024.

With the hammer’s ultimate power, it is perfect timing to freshly start or return to the game, as the hammer can also be sold for capital. The market opening price set for the hammer is approximately 35 billion silver, which is a huge advantage for new and returning Adventurers.

Conditions required to obtain J’s Hammer of Precision are simple as they are easily achievable just by enjoying the game and following the storyline. Specifically, Adventurers will be automatically eligible upon reaching 200 hours of game playtime, having a character level of 61, and having cleared Mediah’s main questline. Once the requirements are met, the hammer can be obtained from the Challenge menu.

Additionally, Adventurers can collect “[Event] Seal of Mellow Dreams” through various in-game activities such as completing Challenges, Life activities, and of course, defeating monsters. According to the accumulated number of seals, they can exchange them to obtain valuable items including Advice of Valks (+150), Supreme Old Moon Box, 500 Cron Stones, and much more.

More information can be found on Black Desert Thailand and Southeast Asia’s official website.

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