Learning new vocabulary can be hard, especially for ESL learners and children. So, many people resort to anagrams to have fun and learn new words while they are at it. However, anagrams are not always easy to solve; they require concentration and quick thinking.

This is why anagram solvers were created, as they help players solve more complex anagrams. If you are curious about them and their solvers, have a look at the information we’ve gathered.

What Are Anagrams?

Put simply, anagrams are word puzzles that depend on your ability to produce words or phrases. Mainly, there are two types of anagrams: word anagrams and phrase ones. Word anagrams depend on arranging letters to form words. Scrabble is the most popular example of this type. On the other hand, phrase anagrams give players a phrase that they must rearrange to create another phrase. A fun fact is that Voldemort’s name in the Harry Potter series is an example of phrase anagrams. His name, Tom Marvolo Riddle, can be rearranged to form, “I AM LORD VOLDEMORT”.

What Are Anagram Solvers?

Some anagrams are harder than others. In particular, young children and ESL learners might be discouraged due to their complexity. So, here’s where anagram solvers come into play. They give an easy, online option for solving anagrams found in games like Scrabble. Similar to anagrams, anagram solvers also have two types to reflect variety. Phrase anagram solvers rearrange the letters of a phrase to give all the possible phrase combinations while word anagram solvers, which are better suited for games like Scrabble, solve word puzzles and give you word suggestions for the letters you enter. Additionally, there are also solvers that combine both types to offer versatility.

How Can You Use an Anagram Solver?

It is pretty easy to find many anagram solvers online based on the game you are playing. Most solvers have a search box where you can put your scrambled letters or phrases. Once you insert your desired combination, you can click “unscramble” or “find.” Instantly, the solver will try to come up with all the possible word or phrase combinations based on what you entered. Moreover, you can filter your results by length in an ascending or descending order according to your preferences and the new words or phrases you are trying to find.

Benefits of Anagrams and Anagram Solvers for Learners

Indubitably, learners can benefit greatly from anagrams because they offer a fun way to learn. Therefore, whether you are a teacher who wants to enhance your class’s experience or an ESL learner aiming for improved English skills, anagrams and their solvers can help with the following:


Learning how to spell correctly can be an arduous task. Even native English speakers sometimes face problems when spelling long words. Word puzzles can help learners spell more complex words and memorize them easier. As for anagram solvers, they can help learners enhance this memorization even more by showing all the words in front of them at the same time, thus enabling them to differentiate between similarly spelled words.


Extending learners’ vocabulary is a key benefit of anagrams. Contrary to popular belief, even native speakers sometimes need to check their dictionaries. It is impossible to learn every English word, but word puzzles can help learners improve their vocabulary. In the same vein, anagram solvers can aid learners in finding more combinations than the ones they already know, improving their learning experience and pace.

Quick Thinking

Sometimes, we find that we are slow at processing information. To strengthen their processing capabilities, students, and language learners can resort to anagrams. Anagrams teach us to be quick on our feet and adapt to situations fast. Similarly, solvers can enhance this process even more because the more words or combinations we learn through them, the more we will be able to react faster because we will remember more words. Anagram solvers can be like a crutch at first for learners who are slow to process information and do not have an extended range of vocabulary. After learning more combinations by using such solvers, learners can then depend on themselves to win these games.

Most teachers and language students look for new, fun ways to enhance language skills. However, the answer is simple: anagrams. All you need to do is find a game you like, Scrabble for example, and put your language skills to the test. No worries if it is hard at first because anagram solvers are here to save the day. Not only will they help you enhance your vocabulary and memory, but you will also be able to win most word games and impress your friends!


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