The third person vehicle-based shooter Crossout is now available for Open Beta Testing (OBT). Developed by Targem Games and co-published by Gaijin Entertainment and PlayPark, Inc., Crossout combines gather-and-build mechanics from MMOs with the fast-paced gameplay of shooters for a unique competitive experience.

During the OBT period, players will be able to experience the world of Crossout and engage in battles against others for resources and glory. Players will be happy to note that there will not be any downtime then Crossout transitions from Open Beta to Commercial Launch during the first week of April.

YouTube sensation Pewdiepie is the global ambassador for Crossout, with his local counterparts being Gloco and the rest of Peenoise Realm.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Survivors have to scavenge resources from missions in order to build guns and parts for their unique vehicle. There are many combinations for parts from tank threads to guns to armor that will allow you to build the ultimate war machine to blaze your way to victory.

CrossOut PH Open Beta PR 3

Key features:

  • Unique vehicles, crafted by players using a wide range of available parts: from nimble buggies to heavily tracked off-road vehicles or combat platforms on antigrav fields.
  • Complete freedom of creativity and thousands of possible combinations: Create vehicles of any shape using a wide range of parts, with a wide variety of armour and weapons to help support your arsenal.
  • Advanced damage model: destroy any part of an enemy vehicle and it will affect the machine’s performance immediately.
  • A huge arsenal of weapons: From chainsaws to power-drills, machine guns to rocket launchers, and a wide range of variety including flying drones and stealth generators.
  • Your own workshop: create new and advanced parts, and auction them at the in-game marketplace.
  • Trading options between players: every piece that you have gathered in battle can be sold to other players.
  • Choose your own battle strategy: Apart from victory, the only thing that matters is your survival!

Welcome to your Garage

It all starts here, in your very own Garage, where you can craft vehicles based on the parts you have. Pick a frame, slap on a cabin, attach Movement parts (wheels, tracks, etc.) and mount the armor plating and guns. Crossout features a unique damage mechanic that affects vehicle performance depending on what part of the enemy vehicle you destroy first.

CrossOut PH Open Beta PR 1

Craft powerful parts

Crafting is a big part of Crossout, as a way to gain more powerful upgrades to weapons, armor, and other parts. These items can be made or salvaged, and have different rarities to them. Common parts can be easily crafted but provide baseline stats, while Legendary and Relic items are very difficult to craft (or find as a drop), but have the highest damage or benefits to stats in the game for its class. Ride into missions to get blueprints and materials required for the parts and craft your way to victory.

Ride your custom machine into battle

Vehicles in Crossout have power scores to determine their fitness for battle. Players will also see the vehicle’s Durability or how much damage it can soak up before being destroyed. Another stat to consider is Energy, a resource that powers the vehicle’s movement and weapons. Finally, Tonnage determines how much parts your vehicle can hold. If the weight of the parts exceeds Tonnage, you’ll get a Speed and Acceleration penalty, hindering your vehicle’s agility on the battlefield.

Join the Factions

The game has seven factions, the neutral faction is Engineers and six additional factions Lunatics, Nomads, Scavengers, Steppenwolfs, Dawn’s Children and Firestarters.

By increasing reputation with any faction the player gets ‘Structure’ class parts as rewards, they get a bumpers, frame parts, chassis parts, etc. that can’t be obtained any other way. In addition, the Engineers faction rewards the player with new paints, profile portraits, increases for the maximum amount of parts in a vehicle design, increases of warehouse space and extra spaces in the garage.

Reputation with factions is issued as a reward after battles, the higher the combat effectiveness of a player, the more reputation he will get. With ‘Decor’ class parts you can provide a bonus to reputation received for fighting.

Auction System

The Marketplace is the main hub where players can buy and sell parts they have scavenged or built. The price is determined by the players themselves, and all operations on the platform are done with the game’s in-game currency called Coin. Coin can be earned through real-money transactions at the website, the PlayPark store, or through players buying your wares.

Crossout Game Modes

Crossout has different game modes players can join to keep the action fresh. Missions are the primary game type, where teams of eight players fight on the battlefield for resources. Raids are a pure PvE experience, where players can do “test runs” of their machines against AI-controlled enemies. Each Raid has a set of objectives and players must work together to ride into victory. Brawls are PvP events that change every day, from Races (guns are disabled), Free For All (first to 10 kills), and Storm Warning (a Free For All variant with a powerful environmental hazard). Crossout also features Guild vs Guild battle modes for valuable Uranium, and finally, a Battle Royale mode where you find parts and weapons for your vehicle while out-riding and out-destroying other wasteland survivors.

You can sign up for the Open Beta here to get into the game.

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