Western Digital (WD), just recently held their very first Gamer’s Cup Challenge last Friday at the Imperium e-Sports bar and Video Game Lounge. The said cup has been held to educate gamers in general the importance of a reliable storage drive which is the latest WD Green in high capacity edition.

Imperium Esports Bar

Dubbed as the WD Gamers Cup: WD x Imperium Media LAN Party, the local gaming community ‘s bloggers, site owners, and the likes have been summoned to join in. Every participants had a chance to win an SSD and a 6TB WD Green HDD provided that they’ll win as a team. Which… We did. Huehuehue.

WD Imperium PR (1)

Albert Chung, WD’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Discusses the importance of an HDD & SSD Combo

The game of choice is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Certainly my genre, but it’s way too different from EA’s Battlefield Series. Either way, Tech Porn, along with Back2Gaming and friends, have gained the upper hand over the enemy team.

WD Imperium PR (2)

Mechanical Drives Are Here to Stay

Seriously speaking, the aim of the event is to remind gamers and pretty much everyone that mechanical drives are here to stay. WD’s team stated that even though SSDs are slowly becoming the norm nowadays, a reliable, high capacity drive is still recommended – which is true even for my case since I could easily fill up a 256 GB SSD with my favorite games alone.

WD Green PR 2

It appears that WD cherry picked the 4K Platter 6TB Green Drive for gamers, which is a little daunting at first since I know that most gamers from my era would love to maximize performance and might went with a faster on-paper 7200 RPM drives over a “green” drive that wont inspire their “hardcore” gaming lives. That it’s not the case with the high density 6TB WD Green since the company has updated the Green Series to match the performance of older generation top-performing mechanical drives, able to reach more than 130 MB/s in both read and write.

In addition, practical gamers nowadays – that includes myself, would always go for a silent and low wattage secondary drive for storage which contradicts the use of 7200 RPM drives recommendation over ages ago. SSDs are silent, and so my mechanical drive as well. Lets call that being a purist and practical.

Intel Smart Response Technology

Pairing a mechanical drive to an SSD has extra advantages too over spending your precious dime on yet another SSD. First up, you could use Intel’s Smart Response Technology if you’re using a compatible Intel Chipset. That way, you could speed up the mechanical drive by the using the SSD as its cache. This has been around for almost half a decade, but today, the application of such technology is a heaven sent due to the slowly but surely decreasing cost of storage devices. The WD Green could also be used for RAID setups by the way.

Intel SRT

WD saw new opportunity this 2015 for their Green Series and with that said, the suggested retail price for WD Green 5 TB is Php 11, 550, while the 6 TB variant costs Php 13,400 respectively. The WD Green hard drive also comes in smaller capacities of 2 TB (Php 6,995), 3 TB (Php 8,850) and 4 TB (Php 10,950).

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