WD just announced the availability of their monstrous WD Gold 10TB DataCenter drive. This thing is an absolute capacity beast, which is specifically designed for modern enterprise storage and data center environments. The WD Gold 10TB hard drive, with model number WD101KRYZ is now available at Iontech Technologies Inc. and Ubertech Technologies Inc.

Now as for specifications, the WD Gold with 10TB of capacity features the HelioSeal technology, which basically seals the internals with Helium. This alone made the high capacity nature of the HDD, allowing less heat, less drag, and less power usage that benefits high density platter drives. WD is among the first companies to use Helium on their mechanical drives.

WD101KRYZ PR (2)

No info yet about the pricing, but I should tell you that it is going to be expensive on a regular consumer’s viewpoint.

  • Improved power efficiency – HelioSeal Technology delivers lower power with an increase in capacity. Power efficiency (watts/TB) during operation is improved up to 26 percent over the WD Gold 8TB drive.
  • Better performance – Up to 21 percent sequential performance improvement over WD Gold 8TB datacenter drives
  • High reliability – WD Gold drives incorporate best-of- breed design, manufacturing and test processes to achieve one of the highest reliability ratings in the industry – 2.5 million hours MTBF (8TB and 10TB offerings)
  • Dedicated Premium Support Line– Western Digital offers a 24/7 premium support line for WD Gold drive customers and can be reached at U.S.: (855) 559-3733; International: +80055593733.

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