AMD is about to launch the next line of 2nd generation AMD Ryzen Processors anytime soon. Next line, since we’ve already seen the Ryzen 5 2400G and the Ryzen 3 2200G in action on our reviews.

According to the company, the new 2000 series processors are stated to output better performance and carry more features compared to the first generation models. AMD is also co-launching its X470 chipset which is tailor made to unleash the capabilities of AMD’s latest CPUs.

There’s a lot going on with the 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen processors with features and optimizations in mind. That said, we will put into detail everything we’ve known so far. Everything that we could disclose that is from our trip at Bangkok, Thailand.

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2nd  Generation AMD Ryzen Processor Models and Pricing

There will be a total of four 2nd generation AMD Ryzen processors at launch (April 19, 2018). Those are the Ryzen 7 2700X, Ryzen 7 2700, Ryzen 5 2600X and the Ryzen 5 2600. All of them will feature a bundled cooler.

Model Cores Threads Clock Speed Boost/Base Smart Prefetch Cache TDP Cooler SEP (USD) Availability
Ryzen™ 7 2700X 8 16 4.3/3.7 20MB 105W Wraith Prism (LED) $329 / ₱19000 Apr 19
Ryzen™ 7 2700 8 16 4.1/3.2 20MB 65W Wraith Spire (LED) $299 / ₱17600 Apr 19
Ryzen™ 5 2600X 6 12 4.2/3.6 19MB 95W Wraith Spire $229 / ₱12750 Apr 19
Ryzen™ 5 2600 6 12 3.9/3.4 19MB 65W Wraith Stealth $199 / ₱11300 Apr 19

There won’t be any Ryzen 7 2800X nor a Ryzen 7 2800 model – at least not yet. But with this move, AMD is definitely streamlining their models to better fit the current market range.

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Price wise, these CPUs features a better SEP over the previous models, especially if we’re going to take AMD’s streamlining into account. That’s a huge win for the consumers, knowing that the 2700X effectively displaces the 1800X both in performance(?) and price. There’s also the bundled AMD Wraith Prism to boot. Several key features of the new Ryzen 2000 series processors are as follows:

  • Pure Power
    • Improves processor energy efficiency
  • Precision Boost 2
    • Improved automatic frequency adjustment
  • Extended Frequency Range 2
    • Takes advantage of better motherboard components to raise frequency range
  • Neural Net Prediction
    • System adapts to software / application usage to boost performance
  • Smart Prefetch
    • Anticipates data required by applications to raise performance

AMD dubs the Ryzen 2000 series as the Ryzen+ architecture. Basically, this is not quite the Ryzen 2 that some of you are waiting for – even with a new 12nm process. Regardless, it is a huge optimization based upgrade from AMD. Think of it as the “Tock” in Intel’s own “Tick Tock” term.

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AMD Wraith Prism RGB LED Cooler

The Wraith Prism is technically a Wraith MAX with a more sophisticated lighting option. I’d wager it has the same performance with the MAX, but with a transparent fan blade design. This has been used on the AMD event where we try to overclock the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X. It is good, able to keep the 105W TDP chip cool enough on its own. That’s all we can say at the moment.

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New Motherboards Based on The AMD X470 Chipset

AMD also showcased us the X470 chipset based motherboard. Think of it as a souped up X370 chipset with better power delivery, optimized memory routing and an included AMD StoreMI technology support out of the box. This chipset is tailor made to unleash the full potential of the latest AMD Ryzen 2000 series processors.

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Apart from the said features, the new X470 motherboards should feature a new design (depends on AIB partners). It’ll also feature 100% compatibility with the next Ryzen Master version which is a dream to work with. I’m unable to post the screenshots due to the embargo but rest assured it’s one heck of a software update. Again, this motherboard chipset is required to fully support Precision Boost 2, XFR 2 and AMD StoreMI. It is also of course fully compatible with the last generation Ryzen CPUs.

  • Advanced Design
    • Optimized memory routing for high speed memory support
    • Optimized VRM and power layout for CPU overclocking
  • Advanced Efficiency
    • Lower idle power
    • Designed for 2019 CEC energy requirements
  • Advanced USB
    • USB per-port disable
    • Improved maximum data transfer rate
  • Advanced Storage
    • AMD StoreMI
    • Bootable NVMe RAID support
    • Enmotus FuzeDrive technology bundle

AMD StoreMI Technology

The AMD StoreMI Technology is basically a storage caching technology. It’s an intelligent software that caches your most used files on a faster storage device. That said, if you own a HDD+SSD combo, the AMD X470 will support this software out of the box without any royalty fees.

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What’s Next

That’s it for our initial coverage of the latest AMD processors and platform updates. Stay tuned for our full review of the Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 2600X CPUs at launch date.

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