ZOTAC is a versatile brand, with Graphics Cards, Mainboards, Mini-PCs, and even accessories on their portfolio. Now another category has been added to ZOTAC’s growing line-up of products in the form of their Premium Edition Series SSDs. The ZOTAC Premium Edition SSDs has models ranging from 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB capacities and all are using Phison Controllers for the NAND.

ZOTAC Premium SSD News (1)

Speaking, the 480 GB & 240 GB models features the Phison S10 controller, with Read & Write speeds rated to surpass 500 MB/s. The 120GB on the other hand, also feature a Phison controller yet it’s not the S10 variant so it’s going to be slower on the Write department. The top end 480GB SSD from ZOTAC will feature a 512MB DDR3 cache, while the 240GB will feature a 256MB DDR3 cache. Learn more about them here: LINK

ZOTAC Premium SSD News (2)


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