Almost every person does online shopping, and some might buy only small items while others rely entirely on it for their needs. Mostly during these challenging times, everyone prefers to stay at home and buy online, and this has increased the number of transactions on e-commerce websites.

More and more people are placing their orders and making online payments; this has created an opportunity for hackers. With an increase in the number of transactions, hackers now have more options to search for less or unsecured networks. It makes it very important for you to make your system secure so that you do not become a victim of cyber attacks.

Use an advanced anti-malware software

Hackers often use a genuine-looking app or program to enter your devices. And once you install such an application, your systems get hacked.

Using such software will protect your device from suspicious attacks like a malicious program or an application. One thing you must take care of is to keep your anti-malware software up to date so that your network and device are secured from the latest attacks.

Use Encryption when on Public or Unsecure Wi-Fi

Sometimes, you may have to make an important transaction over a public Wi-Fi like a cafe or hotel network. These networks are usually unencrypted, which can expose your private information to hackers and cyber criminals using packet sniffing; this can lead to your bank account being compromised and hacked into.

By using a Virtual Private Network, you can redirect data through an encrypted tunnel. Hence, all your data is encrypted, allowing you to use public Wi-Fi networks on your device safely.

Use your credit card for online shopping

Shopping with a debit card makes your bank account vulnerable to attacks, and you might have to face a financial loss, Using a debit card for online shopping is risky, as it is directly linked to your bank account. Whereas a credit can be misused, if hacked, only up to an extent but with the debit card, your bank account balance comes at stake. These days many banks have developed one-time credit cards that are designed especially for online shopping.

Use your device instead of public computers

The essential thing you can do for secure online payments is to use your computer rather than computers at public cafes or hotels. It makes sure that not suspicious hardware or software is installed on the device. Also, when you use your device even if the tool saves the card details, you are safe because any third party is not recording such information.

Pay on trusted websites only

The best way to make secure online transactions is to deal with genuine and trusted websites only. The ā€˜sā€™ in https stands for secure, and you must complete a transaction on such sites only. Nowadays, many fake websites are created which offer you massive discounts and offers on card payments, but the intention is to hack your bank account. So, how do you determine if a site is fake? Well, the easiest way is to use a website checker like is Legit. This would tell you whether or not the website you’re on is legitimate or fraudulent.

You cannot stop doing online transactions, but you can indeed look for security. Follow the best practices as mentioned to keep your bank account safe. And try to use credit cards for such payments as reporting fraud is easy in such cases.

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