College times could be exciting and challenging at the same time. Students are often busy with part-time jobs, sports activities, and final exams. So when it comes to academic writing, they are out of time and energy to complete all of them meeting the deadline.

Our digital world is full of online help that covers a wide range of needs, including essay writing services. This industry is in high demand nowadays. So students often delegate their endless home tasks and essay writing to the specialists to concentrate on their urgent personal matters.

If you are the one who used to spend sleepless nights on your academic needs so that you feel exhausted in the morning, this is the perfect solution for you. You can easily Google “my essay services” and find hundreds of results. The only question is how to choose affordable service?

Not everyone can easily hire professionals on the network. Teens often have a limited budget, so this issue keeps them away from high-quality papers. We have prepared a list of tips to follow while choosing a reliable and cheap essay writing service. We hope this will help you to make the right decision and make your academic life much easier.

Set up the requirements

Apart from the teacher’s requirements, you may have your personal preferences on how the papers should be written. Make the list of clear requirements so that you can understand your expectations from the final work.

Writers often ask additional detailed questions before they start writing. The full picture of your task will help you give proper instructions to the specialists.

Early birds get the cheapest papers

If your homework is more than you can handle, then look for the online essay writing service in advance. Online writing platforms often set the highest prices for urgent orders. The closer your deadline, the higher the price for the papers could be.

Waiting until you have 24 hours before submission could double the rates. So if you have a limited budget, take care of hiring the writing specialist beforehand.

Take care of your safety

No matter what your budget is to pay for an essay writing service, choose the one with strict privacy policy. You have to make sure your personal information is protected before placing the order.

Don’t forget to review the plagiarism policy and the qualification of the writers’ pool. The essay writing platform should be not only cheap but a reliable one.

Check what is included in the price

Catchy price is not always the best indicator to rely on. Some essay writing platforms suggest the draft writing only and have no plagiarism check or extra reviews included in the price. Thus, you may overpay for additional services that could be out of your budget.

Clear up all the cookies and cache files on your web browser

Some essay writing services may set their prices higher as soon as they understand you are looking for the professional for an affordable price. Online companies often use this tool as a part of marketing strategy.

However, you can quickly get around this common trick by clearing up your cookies and cache files. Besides, you can use an incognito window on your web browser while looking for the cheapest essay writing service.

Review the feedbacks

Once you have a draft list of essay writing services you want to try, check their professional reviews and users’ feedback. The real experience of other customers often contains insights on the quality of the service, its functionality, and its safety.

Besides, there are a lot of independent professional reviews that have detailed information about the writers’ qualifications and experience, as well as editing, content quality, and legality of the services they provide.


With the widely spread scams and fraud activities on the network, most students do not prefer using the cheapest essay writing platforms. Instead of them, teens often choose the services having discounts.

Professional writing services often suggest a reduced price for the newbies and have referral and loyalty programs. This is another perfect way to get high-quality papers for an affordable price.

Contact the customer support

Technical support is a core part of any trustworthy writing service. Even if your main concern is the price, it is always a good idea to contact the support team. Ask about the prices, discounts, and collaboration with the writer.

This may help you reduce the cost even more, as soon as the support representative sees you are interested in using their services.

Compare the prices

Essay writing services always try to differ from each other, thanks to the high demand of the writing industry. Some platforms suggest an affordable price, but don’t include the editing, proofreading, plagiarism check, and other vital services, making them a part of additional options.

So don’t be scared of the pricey offers, as they may have the full package included. Compare the chosen essay writing website with its competitors before making the order and pick the one with the balanced price and quality.


All in all, choosing a reliable and cheap essay writing service is not that difficult if you follow a few simple rules. In such a way, you can get a professional writer to work on your next academic challenge. Don’t let the endless academic assignments make you upset and exhausted.

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