AMD & Nvidia never ceased when it comes to the race of the fastest GFX cards, but both companies are looking to battle  it out once again on a different turf. Well, it’s not that all too difference, since we’re going back to the year mid 2000 VRAM battlefield.


AMD, on the red corner, is reported that they are going to re-launch the R9 290X flagship single GPU GFX cards in 8GB version. Initially, this is only available to Sapphire Technologies’ 290X, specifically the Sapphire Radeon R9 290X Vapor-X OC 8GB. That’s a pretty hot hardware, and we are expecting that AMD along with their AIB partners are going to release an optimized one. After all, it’s been a year. It is reported that TUL & Sapphire are the only AIB partners up for the task.

AMD R9 290X 8GB

Nvidia, on the green corner, is going safe with the GTX 970; one of their latest GeForce cards and is actually the most popular one among system builders because of its excellent balance of price, performance, and power consumption. Since it’s a new card, and high resolution gaming is the thing today, we are expecting that Nvidia and its major AIB partners are going to create a special 8GB version of the card.

Nvidia GTX 970 8GB (1)

8GB seems to be the next pit spot for GFX cards, but assuming that even at 4K resolution, a single card is still enough and you might need an SLI or CrossFire configuration of the two aforementioned cards. Anyway, I still don’t get the idea with 4K gaming, since 2K is my maximum for 16:9 displays for work and for play. I’d rather have Three 1080P or Two WQHD 1440P monitors instead of a single 4K one.

Both AMD and Nvidia are planning to release the 8GB cards before 2014 ends, and it’s safe to assume that it’s going to take a while for both companies to release a “new” card.

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