In a bid to win the hearts of the budget conscious gamers, and “eSports” fanatics, AMD is… according to leaks, will release the Radeon R7 370 – A rebrand of the Radeon R9 270 with the Pitcairn GPU inside. If it is indeed a Pitcairn Core based R7 300, then it should feature at-least 2 GB of GDDR5 memory with a 256-bit bus width, along with a 900 MHz+ core clock frequency, and a 1400 MHz memory clock speed.

The card looks good, with a rather classy appeal to it, and appears to feature a crossfire bridge, and a single 6-pin power connector which further adds up to the evidence that it is indeed a Pitcairn card to begin with, similar to that of the physical features of the R9 270. The cooling unit extends the card, and we might see a more compact version from AMD’s AiB partners at launch.

AMD Radeon R7 370 Leak (1)

According to the slides, the R7 370 is 20% faster than Nvidia’s GTX 750 Ti, and knowing AMD, this card should be competitively priced against the GTX 750 Ti – and it should be priced better, as the first Maxwell card truly delivered a fine ratio of performance and efficiency for a good value. Source suggests that AMD is going to set an MSRP of 149 USD for the R7 370, the same price-point of the GTX  750 Ti at its launch date.

AMD Radeon R7 370 Leak (2)

AMD is targeting the eSports crowd with the Radeon R7 370, especially if we’re talking about the leaked slide presentation. That said, AMD wants to tackle back the low to mid-range market where MOBA games, & other free to play competitive games dominate. As usual, and as real as it may look, take this information with a grain of salt.

Source: WCCFTech

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