Andromedia is a fairly new audio and power solutions provider in the market. They are so new, if you search them on search engine at the moment, you wont find their homepage easily. That aside, Andromedia is already filling up their portfolio with products ranging from wireless headsets, speakers, speaker stands, and even power banks. Andromedia sure is trying to please everyone in the mobile crowd.

Now what we actually have here is one of Andromedia’s flagship wireless mobile headset, the Andromedia Intense-M. It is a foldable headset with a built-in mic, with up to 35 hours of talk time and 30 hours music playback via a 670mAh Lithium-ion  battery. Voice Dialing/Redialing, Noise Reduction, and VOIP is supported. Wireless connectivity is provided via Bluetooth V4.0 with EDR (2-3Mbit/s). Enough of the talk. Lets see if this 50 buck device is able to walk the walk.


Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (3)


The Intense-M came in a carbon fiber themed packaging with yellow accents which complements the image of the headset. This packaging is a standard for most Andromedia products. There is a good sense of branding here which is good.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (1)

The back of the packaging features the headset’s images along with a huge wall of texts pertaining to the Intense-M’s features & specifications.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (2)

Upon opening you will be greeted by the headset itself. It is covered by a molded plastic shell which is alright to keep it safe from harm.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (4)

The funny thing about the packaging is the accessory box which only contains a mini-USB to USB cable for charging purposes. We felt that Andromedia could improve the footprint of the packaging by ditching the extra accesory box since there is enough space behind the molded headset cradle. Also, there is no manual of some sort included so you’re on your own to explore the headset’s features. We asked Andromedia about this and there should be an online manual to be uploaded HERE in the near future.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (5)


The Andromedia Intense-M is a glossy headset with rounded edges and innards accentuated with purple. Overall construction of the 5 part piece is mostly made out of plastic which is acceptable for its price.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (16)

The headset might look small from the pictures but it’s actually a medium sized semi-circumaural headset. Semi, since the cups aren’t large enough to engulf my ears. Mind you, my ears are smaller than average by a bit. The cups pivot with a desirable angle horizontally and vertically that should help aid overall comfort.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (7)

There is enough padding on the band covered by a faux leather material. Workmanship wasn’t best practiced on this area as we could see the material overshooting gap where it meets the rest of the band. Good thing is, it doesn’t budge.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (9)

The Intense-M folds for portability which is hardly into a size friendly for backpacks. It could also fit inside a medium sized shoulder bag. Plus one for the lovely ladies?

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (6)

As said earlier, the cups are pretty small for a circumaural headset hence we labelled it as a semi. The paddings are made in two stitched materials; Faux leather for the external and velour like padding for the internal which should help dampen the acoustics.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (8)

The control hub of the Intense-M is located at the right cup with the power, and media buttons are carefully placed. There is also a LED indicator here for status purposes which is hard to understand sometimes since we do not have a service manual. I find the buttons well placed but aesthetics could be better.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (17)

The volume control buttons are located on the rear edge of the right cup featuring audible cues whenever you press them.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (11)

The mic and the charging port are also located on the right side cup of the headset. We’ll check out the effectiveness of the mic later.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (12)

Though it’s mostly make out of plastic, Andromedia did a good job reinforcing the Intense-M’s cups with adjustable metal bands on both sides.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (10)

As far as comfort is concerned,  the Andromedia Intense-M is comfy yet I find it too easy on my ears. That said, clamping force is almost nowhere to be found. This also means that there is chance for the Intense-M to fall from your head if forced to. If you’re not bobbling your head when listening to your favorite tunes then you have nothing to worry.

Another thing worth noting about the Intense-M is the finish. While the piano black and purple materials looks great, the chrome finished plastics somewhat made the Intense-M to look and feel cheap. Hopefully, Andromedia will study their color palette for the said headset in the near future.


Audio stuffs such as speakers, headsets, headphones, earphones, IEMs, and pretty much whatever they are as long as they produce audio output, are very subjective to be tested. That is true, in a sense that no pair of ears are the same, and there is a lot happening between you, and the headset for example. That said, your experience will most likely differ from ours.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (15)

We start the testing after we burn-in or wear-in the drivers. Usually, 48-72 Hours of continuous burn-in will do for most. This is to ensure that the audio solution is already delivering what an end user would actually experience in the long run. As for the audio setup, we are going to pair the headset to a mobile phone that supports Bluetooth connectivity since the Intense-M does not support 3.5mm jack I/O. To pair the Intense-M, you have to press its power button long enough. The Red & Blue status LEDs will lit up once pairing is initiated.


The Intense-M is not a HiFi headset regardless of what the packaging says about it. That has to be said, so do not expect miracles from it like any other Bluetooth headsets within its price range. That aside, the Andromedia-M is surprisingly good for what its worth. Bass response is decent, and this is where the Intense-M actually excels the most with a forward sounding thumphy sound signature. On some tracks, the Intense-M’s bass eats away the lower mid-ranges, but that’s something I could live with for the price. I have heard better yes, but enjoyable bass response nonetheless.

Andromedia Intense M Wireless Bluetooth Headset (14)

Mid-range is accentuated, meaning it is more prominent than the higher end. Andromedia might thought that it’s a good decision to bloat this side to compensate for the bass response but I digress since it somewhat introduced closeness. In short, everything above the vocals sounds congested when everything hits the ceiling. The high-end is somewhat recessed, just enough to know that “it is” there when needed maybe that’s one of the reason why imaging gave away a not so great impression to me around this range of frequency. The Intense-M falls short on the top-end but it’s still enjoyable to use. Mind you, I am not a forgiving person when it comes to audio solutions. Ever. But for the price, the Intense-M’s sonic performance is decent enough for daily use.

The Intense-M is a headset, thus there is an internal mic included on the edge of the right cup. I find it impractical to use outdoors when there’s a lot of background noise coming in from many directions, as you have to talk loud just to make yourself audible on the other side. I don’t mind using it at home but on a public space with lots of background noise interfering, I’d rather just use my phone’s built-in microphone. Range is good for both indoors and outdoors as we never had problems with interference or with real life applications with the headset. We haven’t tested it yet to its stated range limits, but I assure you it’s usable within 2 storey high home / office.

For a wireless headset, battery life is just as important as the sound quality. We are happy to report that the Intense-M through our testing phases have seen daylight for approximately 27 Hours without even charging within an acceptable volume levels. In addition, charging time should be below 6 hours so you’ll be up and ready to hit the streets with the Intense-M by morning.

For $50 USD, or at around 3, 299 Pesos, the Andromedia Intense-M is a decent proposal for those who needs a wireless headset with good bass quantity, multimedia buttons to keep you on the right track, VOIP support, and the juice to stay connected for over a day. If you favor those features over everything else, then the Intense-M will suffice.









ANDROMEDIA Intense-M Bluetooth Headset
  • PERFORMANCE - 7/10
  • BUILD QUALITY - 7/10
  • FEATURES - 8/10
  • AESTHETICS - 7/10
  • VALUE - 7/10


The Andromedia Intense-M is a decent proposal for those who needs a wireless headset with good bass quantity, multimedia buttons to keep you on the right track, VOIP support, and the juice to stay connected for over a day.


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