Outstanding Innovative R&D Strength is Recognized

Digital storage leader Apacer Technology Inc. has done it again! The company just celebrated its 20th anniversary, and is currently awarded for the 9th consecutive win with the 26th Taiwan Excellence. This year’s contest was participated by 578 companies, with 1209 products submitted. By virtue of Apacer’s excellent R&D strength and fully-optimized user experience, six products receive the Award, giving recognition to the wonderful performance of Apacer in storage applications. Apacer proved its expertise in digital memory and capability to invent and better serve user needs, optimizing experiences with superior performance.

Apacer strives to reinvent and make breakthroughs; its strength is developed and proven in a wide array of fields, including embedded industry, gaming, mobility, and military-grade products. The award-winning inventions that received this year include: PM110-25 PCIe SSD, SV250-7 Multi-Power Path power technology, COMMANDO series DDR4 and PT920 PCIe SSD, ASMini Portable Mini SSD, and mil-spec portable hard drives AC630/AC631, and AC632.

U.2 Mil-Spec SSD

PM110.25 is a 2.5-inch SSD equipped with PCIe Gen3 x2 and Gen3 x4 interface, offering sequential read/write speeds up to 2,815/1,475MB/s and random read/write speeds up to 296K/238K IOPS. The unique design of exterior housing and internal intelligent temperature management system, which remarkably reduce overheating issues that are common for PCIe interface, allow fast dissipation and effectively make the system up to 30% cooler. Underfill technology is adopted to reinforce stability of components and prevent solder points from falling off or fracturing due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by extreme temperatures, which may further lead to system breakdown, while coating technology (conformal coating and IP57 nano-coating) is implemented to provide dustproof and waterproof features.

SV250-7 Operates with the Innovative Technology, Multi-PowerPath

SV250-7 is implemented with Multi-PowerPath technology, which provides three-option plug-and-play solution for power supply – cable type, Pin7 VCC and state-of-art 7+2 pin connector – on the side with cable-less design. With the exclusive, innovative power circuit mechanism, Multi-PowerPath protects miniature SSD from being damaged by overheating even when power is concurrently supplied via the three methods. Equipped with low-density parity check (LDPC) code, the product has a capacity of up to 256GB, with speeds up to 560MB/s in read and 530MB/s in write. Supporting AES-256 bit and TCG OPAL 2.0, the unit has a unique latch design and comes with CoreAnalyzer, an exclusive technology invented by Apacer for optimized operation. The system also comes with SSDWidget S.M.A.R.T for instant monitoring and reporting of the SSD health.

Power Boost With COMMANDO DDR4 Desktop Gaming Memory Module and PT920 PCIe SSD

Designed for serious gamers and system builders, COMMANDO Series-DDR4 & PT920 PCIe SSD take inspiration from an assault rifle and matches its design to fit gaming purposes. This DDR4 memory module is compatible with the latest Intel® and AMD platforms and functions with high frequency, low voltage, and low latency. PT920 SSD adopts PCIe Gen 3 x4, offering quadrupled bandwidth up to 2500MB in read and 1300MB in write. The swift actions brought by the COMMANDO series will complement each gaming session with superb performance.

ASMini: Pocket SSD with Absolute Compactness

Measuring at just 8.1cm x 5.4cm, ASmini is nearly the size of a name card, with only 0.6cm in thickness! Its compact dimension is some 85% smaller than the usual 2.5-inch external hard drives, offering unbeatable portability. Encased in a champagne tone metallic exterior, this finely designed piece can hold up to 240GB in memory, equivalent to around 6 hours of 4K videos, with an impressive read/write speed of 450/400MB.  Shockproof, vibration-proof, and capable of functioning during access, ASMini is an excellent choice for data protection.

AC630/AC631: Military-Grade Shockproof, Water Resistant, Dustproof, an Ideal Outdoor Companion

Keeping outdoor needs in mind, AC630/AC631 is designed to be compliant with MIL-STD-810G 516.6 Procedure IV (Transit Drop Test) and IP55. The sporty appearance bears a sense of toughness in its single-piece anti-impact rubber structure, which also protects from accidents by easing external forces during impact. The thoughtful slot design keeps the cable neatly tucked along the body. The 3D surface texture of AC631 protects the appearance by preventing fingerprints and scratches. If you want to feel reassured when using a portable hard drive outdoor, AC630/AC631 is your best solution!

AC632: A Military-Grade Shockproof Portable Hard Drive with Excellent Anti Vibration Ability Against External Impacts

AC632 is compliant with MIL-STD 810G 516.6 Procedure IV (Transit Drop Test). An uniquely built internal suspension structure keeps the core of AC632 protected at all times, effectively easing impact forces when dropped. The unit is created with an elegant and neat style : the aluminum alloy exterior has a rounded, corner-less design in a matte finish that keeps free from fingerprints. AC632 is made more compact compared to current metallic mil-spec products. At only 17.3mm in thickness and 245g in weight, the excellent portability makes it ideal for business professionals.


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