ASRock, announces its entry in the gaming monitor market with the Phantom Gaming range for gamers completing the gaming solution. ASRock’s new Phantom Gaming monitors, including PG34WQ15R2B and PG27FF1A are designed for the FPS, RCG, and other fast-paced games.

“Our goal is to create gaming lineups across the board,” said Chris Lee, Vice President of ASRock motherboard & gaming monitor business unit. “We are ecstatic to announce Phantom Gaming monitor, committed to making high-performance and reliable products to gamers.”

Design for Gamers

ASRock Phantom Gaming monitors, PG34WQ15R2B and PG27FF1A, will be based on 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms (MPRT) response time, which means gamers can be one step ahead of opponents during gameplay. Furthermore, Phantom Gaming monitor offers highly competent functions such as HDR, Flicker-free, and FreeSync Premium technologies, allowing gamers to enjoy incredible gaming experience.

ASRock Phantom Gaming Monitor Wi Fi PR 4

Stable Wi-Fi Signal, Smooth Gaming Experience

Phantom Gaming PG34WQ15R2B is the world’s first-ever gaming monitor equipped with built-in Wi-Fi antennas. The design of Integrated Wi-Fi Antenna inherits the Phantom Gaming sprits: “Fast, Mysterious, and Unbeatable”. By connecting the built-in Wi-Fi antennas to PC, the Wi-Fi signal won’t be masked by the desk. Moreover, the antenna offers 7dBi peak gain that improves PC’s Wi-Fi signal and helps gamers to enjoy fluid gameplay without latency.

ASRock Phantom Gaming Monitor Wi Fi PR 2

Convenience and Connectivity

The ergonomic-designed stands aim for die hard gamers and enthusiasts that giving users more flexibility to find an optimal viewing position, including tilt, height, and swivel adjustments. The input option comes with one DisplayPort that supports up to 165Hz refresh rate, and the two additional HDMI 2.0 ports are available for secondary displays and compatible consoles.

Extend Gaming Product Universe

ASRock steps into the gaming monitor era for Phantom Gaming fans, and it is a serious decision. Phantom Gaming Monitors perfectly achieves the philosophy of Phantom Gaming brand. It is dedicated to developing the monitors combine the necessity of performance, quality, stability, compatibility and durability with the unique design.

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