ASRock announced three new Phantom Gaming Z790 Series motherboards, the Z790 NOVA Wi-Fi, Z790 Riptide Wi-Fi and Z790 Lightning Wi-Fi are ready for Intel 14th Generation Core processors.

The launch of the new NOVA series reflects the most incredible burst of energy in the universe, such as supernovas and hypernovas. ASRock NOVA series motherboards embody this spirit to unleash immense power and unlock new levels of performance.

ASRock Phantom Gaming NOVA

The ASRok Phantom Gaming Z790 NOVA Wi-Fi is a new flagship gaming motherboard featuring a server-grade, low-loss 8-layer PCB with 2oz copper, 20+1+1 Phase SPS Dr.MOS (90 Amp) VRMs and long-lasting 20K 105 °C black capacitors that will truly unlock the full potential of any Intel chip. The optimized board layout maximizes potential DDR5 overclocking to speeds of 8000 MHz and more when paired with a premium DDR5 kit.

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Brand new WiFi 7 (802.11be) 2×2 connectivity is available, providing next-generation multi-gigabit throughput that’s ideal for low-latency activities like cloud gaming and wireless VR headsets.

A whopping six M.2 PCI-Express NVMe SSD sockets (1x Blazing Gen-5, 5x Hyper Gen-4) are available under toolless mutli-layer aluminum M.2 heatsinks built into the motherboard, ensuring the greatest storage expansion opportunity for the most dedicated PC enthusiasts. An ARGB splitter cable and graphics card holder are also bundled in the package, for secure and adjustable installation.

The ASRock CPU Indicator is built directly into the BIOS and is available to use with K-series Intel 12th, 13th, and 14th Generation Core processors. This quality analysis tool rates your CPU instantly by assigning points based on its performance and capabilities, helping users optimize overclocking settings for enhanced performance.

ASRock Phantom Gaming Z790 Riptide Wi-Fi

Introducing the new Phantom Gaming mainstream motherboard that blends unparalleled gaming power and features, for incredible immersive action. Built using 16+1+1 Phase SPS Dr.MOS (90 Amp) VRMs and long-lasting capacitors on an 8-layer low-loss PCB, it can provide maximum performance to any Intel LGA1700 CPU. Performance enthusiasts can take DDR5 speeds to new extremes, unlocking the full memory potential of K-series processors.

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Five M.2 PCI-Express NVMe SSD sockets (1x Blazing Gen-5, 4x Hyper Gen-4) are available, ensuring supreme storage speeds and incredible expansion potential. New WiFi 7 (802.11be) 2×2 connectivity is also available on the Z790 Riptide Wi-Fi untethering gaming rigs with newest and fastest Wi-Fi connectivity.

ASRock Phantom Gaming Z790 Lightning Wi-Fi

Empowering gamers with superb speeds with enhanced performance, ASRock introduces the Z790 Lightning Wi-Fi. Despite its affordable target, it still uses a powerful 8-layer PCB and highly capable 16+1+1 phase Dr.MOS VRM to enhance stability and reliability.

asrock phantom gaming z790 motherboards 14th gen intel pr 4

Connectivity includes a Killer E3100 2.5 Gbps LAN and Killer AX1675 Wi-Fi 6E that provides superb wireless speeds. The Z790 Lightning Wi-Fi also includes a toolless heatsink design for the M.2 SSDs.

A commitment to support ASRock fans

ASRock will continuously update its 700 and 600 series motherboards with new BIOS’ to support 14th Generation products. Please visit the ASRock website to download the latest BIOS for your ASRock motherboard, and experience enhanced performance and improved stability.

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