ASRock releases new BIOS for Intel 600/700 series motherboards, the updated BIOS is able to drastically improve CPU performance on 14th gen non-K series processors up to 10% with I7-14700 by Cinebench R23.

The performance gain is benefit from Intel’s latest microcode and ASRock is the first to implement this new update before Chinese New Year, the new BIOS for Z790 series motherboards are as below, 600 & B760 series will be updated shortly.

Model BIOS Version
Z790 Taichi 12.03
Z790 Taichi Carrara 12.03
Z790 Taichi Lite 5.03
Z790 Nova WiFi 4.05
Z790 Riptide WiFi 6.05
Z790 Lightning WiFi 4.04
Z790 PG Lightning 11.03
Z790 PG Lightning/D4 11.04
Z790 PG Riptide 12.05
Z790 Steel Legend WiFi 13.03
Z790 LiveMixer 14.02
Z790 PG SONIC 11.05
Z790 Pro RS 11.03
Z790 Pro RS WiFi 9.03
Z790 Pro RS/D4 10.03
Z790M PG Lightning/D4 10.03
Z790M-ITX WiFi 11.05
Z790-PG-ITX/TB4 11.03

Intel 600 and 700 chipset motherboards are part of Intel’s lineup of chipsets designed to support their respective generations of processors.

Both series of chipsets are designed to provide a platform for Intel’s CPUs, offering various features and capabilities depending on the specific chipset and motherboard model.

These chipsets dictate the capabilities and features of the motherboards they’re integrated into, including support for overclocking, storage interfaces, connectivity options, and more.

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