ASUS Extended Display Show Off!

 Small laptop screens require people to shuffle through multiple windows just to get to that one window that they need to work on, gamers on the other hand, might want to have a more immersive gaming experience specially if they have a dual graphics card setup on their desktop and a riveting storyline on the game they’re playing.

Getting a second (or third) screen has been studied to have a positive impact on productivity, instead of having to switch between a sea of open and minimized windows, the extended screens can have a specific window opened for one or two tasks.

Asus-Multi-Display-Show-Off-PR (2)

A multiple display setup for gaming isn’t just solely for immersion, it can also be utilized as a display exclusively to check a gamer’s chat box on their streaming platforms or have another window playing videos or music to overlay on their streams.

Does the concept of multiple displays pique your interest or you might already have a multi-monitor setup? Let people know how awesome your setup is by joining our ASUS Extended Display Show Off campaign!

Contest Mechanics

The campaign will run from November 13, 2018 to December 15, 2018. Any interested end-users that wants to join the contest should head to the campaign’s site ( and do the following:

  • Share a photo of their setup displaying their laptop or desktop utilizing multiple ASUS monitors (minimum of 1 extended display) on their respective social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), the post should be made public and a hashtag #MyAsusMultiDisplayLife must accompany the caption.
  • The end-users caption should be their answer to these questions:
  1. Are having 2 or more screens better than one?
  2. Do multiple displays really make computer users like you more efficient at work or get a better K/D/A ratio? Why?
  • More votes for the end-users, the better. They will stand a chance to win either an ASUS Zenbook (for non-gaming setup entries) or an ASUS FX503 laptop (for gaming entries)
  • 2 winners will be announced by December 21, 2018 and will be contacted via email
  • This contest is reserved only for Philippine residents and exclusive for end-users who are currently using ASUS monitors to extend their displays.


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