Announces ROG GX800 G800 & G752 With Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 Series Inside

Following up the compliance of the ROG STRIX GL502 to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 Series for notebooks, ASUS announces the compliance of the ROG GX800, G800, and G752 with the said gaming GPUs. These Pascal GPUs features an almost identical performance compared to their desktop counterparts.


The ROG GX800 features the top end GTX 1080 GPU, and in two for a meaty dual SLI configuration. The ROG GX800 also comes with the ROG Hydro Overclocking System for an extra performance boost which should enable a performance well above the GTX 980 Ti in SLI with less power. If a single GTX 1080 is all you need, then the ROG G800 should suffice.


As for the G752 there will be Two variants. The G752VS with the GTX 1070 and the G752VM with the GTX 1060. These gaming notebooks shares a similar design philosophy with the GX800 and the G800 without the support for the Hydro Overclocking System module.


Finally the ROG STRIX GL502VS features the GTX 1070 while a lighter version comes with the GTX 1060. These gaming notebooks are the lightest models from ASUS with the GTX 10 series GPUs inside. Also the slimmest too when it comes to form factor.