The iCAFE business isn’t just about putting up the cheapest components altogether especially when it comes to motherboards. Cheap out on this one, and your system could be in for some trouble. Now ASUS wants to tell you that they just announced their latest iCAFE certified board, which is the ASUS EX-B150M-V5 Expedition.

ASUS EX B150M V5 PR (3)

Now this board has durability and stability written all over its features, with support for the latest Intel 6th Generation processors, DDR4, and M.2 SATA. Other I/O and connectivity are pretty much the basics for a mATX board but these basics has been strengthen for iCAFE usage. For an instance, the USB ports features extra over voltage protection, together with a SATA power to deliver extra juice when needed. The board has been tested with the usual iCAFE stuffs too so your el-cheapo RGB / LED peripherals are possibly 100% compatible and will work as intended.

ASUS EX B150M V5 PR (2)

The board has extra PCB coating which is moisture resistant according to ASUS. I’ve seen dead boards due to moisture so this is one top feature to look out for. The board has been tested with popular disk less solutions too under heavy loads together with an on and off test every hour. Another feature iCAFE owners will love is the addition of an anti-memory theft lock. This basically requires a screw driver to unlock the DIMMs. Pretty simple but neat feature.

ASUS EX B150M V5 PR (4)

This board is set to retail at around 4, 220 PHP and could be less depending on the retailers. It might be built for business but its features are pretty good enough for the end user’s needs. Plus, it looks damn okay for a board built to withstand gaming on hours end.

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