ASUS ROG introduced the CES 2024 Innovation Award-winning ROG Aura Monitor Light Bar (ALB01) and the ROG Ergo Monitor Arm (AAS01) for gaming setups.

ROG Aura Light Bar

The ROG Aura Light Bar has an optical design that minimizes eye strain. It features a front-light Eye Care mode, an Aura Sync backlighting mode, and a combination of both for immersive viewing.

asus rog aura light bar ergo arm 3

Users can also adjust color temperature and brightness to preferred levels. ROG Aura Light Bar accommodates both curved and flat monitors, and can seamlessly integrate into existing gaming setups featuring Aura Sync-enabled products and peripherals. Plus, ASUS DisplayWidget Center software includes advanced features such as App Sync, which changes lighting mode depending on the current app being used and offers lighting schedule presets and System Sync.

ROG Ergo Monitor Arm

The ROG Ergo Monitor Arm is designed for up to 39-inch monitors and has a load capacity of 3–11.5 kg for standard monitors, and 3–8.5 kg for curved monitors.

asus rog aura light bar ergo arm 1

With cyberpunk-inspired aesthetics, double-sided cable management feature, and VESA support, the Ergo Monitor Arm lets users create a clutter-free, custom gaming setup. The mechanical spring arm mechanism allows smooth, effortless adjustments through a wide range of movements: the attached display can be tilted 75° up or 15° down and pivoted a full 360°. The arm passed stringent durability tests during the design phase, including 10,000-cycle range-of-motion tests.

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