Drawing upon a rich history of PC innovation, where more than 100 million RTX GPUs have propelled the AI PC era, NVIDIA proudly unveils the GeForce RTX SUPER desktop GPUs designed to deliver unparalleled generative AI performance.

In addition to introducing new AI laptops from leading OEMs, the company also presents RTX-accelerated AI software and tools aimed at both developers and end users.

NVIDIA is making these advanced tools available to elevate PC experiences with generative AI, including TensorRT acceleration for the widely-used Stable Diffusion XL model in text-to-image workflows, RTX Remix featuring generative AI texture tools, NVIDIA ACE microservices, and an expanded roster of games utilizing DLSS 3 technology for Frame Generation.

The NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM (TRT-LLM), an open-source library optimized for accelerating inference performance in the latest large language models (LLMs), now supports additional pre-optimized models for PCs. Empowered by TRT-LLM, the Chat with RTX tech demo, set to release this month, enables AI enthusiasts to interact with their notes, documents, and other content.

The RTX laptop platform, recognized as the fastest-growing platform, has witnessed a remarkable fivefold growth in the last four years, with over 50 million devices cherished by gamers and creators worldwide. New systems from acclaimed brands like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Razer, Samsung, and more are set to ship later this month, offering users an out-of-the-box generative AI experience and delivering raw performance gains ranging from 20x to 60x compared to NPUs. From slim 14-inch models measuring as thin as 16 millimeters to powerful 18-inch laptops, a diverse range of options caters to every gamer and creator.

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, emphasizes the transformative impact of generative AI, labeling it as the most significant platform transition in computing history. He notes that the broad adoption of this technology is rapidly reshaping the landscape of gaming, content creation, development, and productivity. Huang underscores the critical role of GPUs in enabling locally run applications that demand substantial computing power, with RTX establishing a substantial install base of over 100 million AI PCs and workstations for developers.

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