AZZA added two new models to their all-in-one liquid cooler lineup with the Cube 360 and Cube 240. The new series of AIO features a unique radiator design with a patent pending pump embedded, and a square fin design with reinforced edges to prevent bending and folded tabs for maximum surface area and better heat dissipation. In addition, the radiator is equipped with 12 – 2mm wide water channels to provide enough flow for the 4000 RPM pump. The AZZA Cube 240 and Cube 360 are paired with 120mm Vortex ARGB PWM fans.

Upon first glance, the AZZA Cube 360 and Cube 240 make an immediate impression with the striking design features of the cube-shaped water block. The water block is topped with brushed aluminum and enhanced by three-dimensional pyramid-shaped ARGB LEDs inside the upper right-hand corner. This water block offers broad compatibility with most AMD and Intel socket designs, including the forthcoming Intel LGA 1851 socket, with the exception of HEDT sockets. This ensures a versatile fit for a wide variety of setups.

azza launches cube 240 360 cpu coolers 1

The small yet powerful 4000 RPM pump hidden within the radiator is capable of moving an impressive flow rate of 96L/h and water pressure of 1.5mH2O. Further Speaking, the single-piece impeller design inside the pump minimizes vibration and offers better durability.

Another notable design is the radiator fins for both Cube 360 and Cube 240. Not only do these rectangular fins make the overall welding more robust thus minimizing vibration, but also immensely increases the surface area for superior heat dissipation. There’s also rectangular enhancement folds located on both ends of the fins. These folds improve the water block’s resistance against pressure and bending, therefore, preventing users from accidentally damaging the fins during installation.

azza launches cube 240 360 cpu coolers 2

Furthermore, the water channels received a complete overhaul. By adding 12 water channels that are each 2 mm in width, the cross-sectional area of the liquid and the radiator is expanded by 46.7% and the water flow is increased by 33% when compared to earlier models.

Meanwhile, the 120mm ARGB vortex fans paired with the CUBE 240 and CUBE 360 boast speeds up to 2000 RPM. Moreover, each fan provides an airflow of 65.2 CFM, all while operating silently well below 34 dB(A). No matter whether the user plans to constantly stress the CPU with heavy AAA games, or mod a desktop PC with unique geometry and ARGB lighting, both Cube 360 and Cube 240 are guaranteed to be valuable additions to the setup.

Pricing and Availability

​AZZA Cube 360 is currently priced at $99.99 USD while Cube 240 is listed as $79.99 USD.

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