Whether you enjoy a few hands of poker in the evening or want to see what all the fuss is about over the new Cyberpunk 2077, taking your first foray into the world of PC gaming can be intimidating at first.

Luckily, we’ve put together this simple guide to get you started thinking about the requirements you may have and the accompanying equipment that would best suit them.

Ergonomic Chair and Desk

First up, it’s important to be comfortable when logging in for a long gaming sesh. If you’ve ever been an office worker, then you’ll be familiar with the standard health and safety guidelines surrounding how to sit for long periods at the computer. Whilst gaming is, hopefully, a lot more fun than your day job, the same rules still apply.

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There are plenty of gaming specific furniture companies out there producing desirable items such as the Secretlab Titan 2020 Series chair or the ApexDesk Elite Series; if you’re going to be dedicating some serious hours to gaming, then make sure your body is comfortable and well-supported. This is especially important if you have any specific needs like managing lower back pain, carpal tunnel or painful knees. Although this advice covers all types of gaming, some furniture is developed with built in extras like neck support, wraparound speakers and vibration motors which will work a lot better with certain titles.

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Once you have an adequate space in which to game, you need to start thinking about your hardware. You may already have a computer (more on this down below), but are your existing keyboard and mouse up to the job? Generally, a standard keyboard and mouse are set up for typing and other work-based activities. If you intend on playing fairly simple point and click games then your current keyboard may still do the job, but you should certainly look into purchasing an ergonomic mouse. This can prevent strain on your wrist and hand, and keep your reflexes sharp. If you plan on playing the big titles like League of Legends, World of Warcraft or Minecraft, then a gaming keyboard is a must too; you can even allocate different LED colours to different keys to make it even easier to access the relevant controls quickly.

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Gaming Monitor

Of course, one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will buy as a gamer is a screen, or even multiple screens. Whether you want to take on several poker tourneys at once, or don’t want to forsake either Netflix or messenger services for the sake of your gaming, do consider investing in high quality gaming monitors. This is better for your physical health and will give you a superior gaming session overall. Using multiple and curved screens provides a more immersive experience and prevents debilitating problems such as neck ache, pulled muscles and eye strain. A higher screen refresh rate and quick response mean that you can play even the newest, most up-to-date games at their optimum visual level.

Capable Computer

When logging in to one of the many reputable sites recommended by online platforms like Asia Bet then there is likely no need to purchase a full gaming PC beforehand. The online casinos that guides like this one direct you to are either entirely based on the internet or require the download of minimal software. The same stands for other casual online gaming websites and apps which are specifically designed to be accessible to a wide range of players with varying set-ups. For example, apps like Among Us take up very little space and require little processing power.

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However, if your interests lie outside traditional games and you prefer to explore more expansive titles like open world MMOs, then the sheer size of the games and the services that host them often necessitate a computer upgrade. Services such as Steam have an initial download size of around 1Gb, and then each subsequent game title downloaded, plus saved games once you begin playing, can easily increase that to take up around 20Gb of space. Not to mention the fact that, in order to have an enjoyable gaming experience, your PC needs to be able to handle the smooth running of these heavy duty downloads.

Quality Speakers and Headsets

One of the most important elements of gaming that can often be overlooked is good quality sound. The chirp of an alert letting you know your opponent’s move across the green baize of the virtual table, or the tell-tale sound of footsteps coming up behind you as you take cover, are just as important as fast response controls and sharp graphics. Investing in some high quality speakers or noise cancelling headphones will not only enhance your gaming experience but will make you a better gamer too!

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