At ZOWIE, they believe that an optimal and consistent keystroke is the most important feature of a keyboard. With that in mind, they have focused on every aspect involving the feedback of each keystroke. In addition to heavy testing in-house, professional gamers have tested it to make sure it is stable and comfortable. That is why you might have seen the keyboard being used at major events even though it was not yet available to the public.

The ZOWIE CELERITAS II features an optimal and more precise pretravel, which is the distance the key must travel before an action is performed. A high quality iron spring allows for each keystroke to be executed with a consistent increase in force throughout while also improving durability to meet the standard required in eSports. The CELERITAS II introduces the optical switch, which allows players to avoid double key presses. It also has illuminated keys, with brightness levels that can be adjusted or turned off completely.  ZOWIE believe this allows for a more comfortable experience whether you are playing in your bedroom with the lights off or under the glare of spotlights in a tournament.

Benq ZOWIE Celeritas PR 1

The ZOWIE G-SR SE is BenQ’s answer to all who have asked for the feeling of the old G-SR blue mousepad.  ZOWIE is aware that even though the G-SR black has the same surface, people feel a difference due to the lack of print on the surface. G-SR SE has a printed design, which makes it have the exact feeling as the old ZOWIE G-SR blue which some players miss.

Benq ZOWIE Celeritas PR 2

ZOWIE CELERITAS II will be available at all retailers while the ZOWIE G-SR SE will be available at selected retailers soon. Stay tuned to BenQ ZOWIE’s social media for information regarding availability in your region.

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