BIOSTAR a publicly listed company based in Taiwan with a diverse product line with a heavy presence in the global tech industry today, announces 35 years of excellence celebrated with the launch of their new flagship product range. BIOSTAR is a globally favored brand for their reliable, user-friendly products ranging from motherboards for gamers and content creators, storage solutions, graphics cards, crypto mining motherboards, industrial computers, healthcare solutions and locomotive starter batteries.

Since its establishment in 1986, BIOSTAR has opened up new territories in various markets over the years and has been welcomed by many happy consumers, including professional esports players, casual gamers and tech enthusiasts from around the world.

Last year, BIOSTAR finally made their official entry to the Taiwan market with the launch of their products in the popular ecommerce website PChome / MOMO SHOP and since then, they have gradually deepened their roots in the local market gaining immense popularity.

BIOSTAR ushered in its 35th anniversary in 2021 by launching a new line of flagship motherboards catering towards professional gamers and content creators. Named VALKYRIE, the new flagship series supports the latest Intel 11th generation processors enabling cutting edge technology like PCIe 4.0 and many other powerful functionalities.

The first generation of VALKYRIE is a newly launched high-end professional gaming motherboard, with the 11th generation Intel Z590 chipset, breaking the previous new design style and equipped with the latest technology, and immediately attracted the attention and expectations of the gaming market and tech enthusiasts around the world. BIOSTAR also announced Rena, the virtual spokesperson for the VALKYRIE motherboard range. Rena is both wild and fashionable, adoring a black and hot pink steel armor clothing complimentary to design elements of the VALKYRIE motherboard.

BIOSTAR 35th Anniversary Valkyrie PR 2

She is the ideal waifu with soft features resembling the surgical precision and technology of BIOSTAR products and her hard armor resembling the durability and extreme power.

BIOSTAR also introduces a new virtual mascot created for the RACING series, named Amy, this bubbly character is sporty and mischievous. Amy’s appearance represents the new RACING series motherboard range. She wears a tight-fitting leather jacket, that resembles the motherboard’s armor gear design and her light and petite figure, symbolizing the nimble yet extremely reliable performance. The RACING series brings to the table that run lightly and race the future in major games and creative inspirations.

BIOSTAR 35th Anniversary Valkyrie PR 1

In the meantime, the upcoming VALKYRIE and RACING Z590 and B560 series motherboards have now set off a wave in the tech industry, and it is safe to say that everyone is looking forward to getting their hands on these devices. BIOSTAR team hopes that their new mascots Rena and Amy will bring cheer and joy to their fans in tough times.

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