BIOSTAR, a manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices , announces their presence at COMPUTEX Cyberworld 2021.

BIOSTAR, with its ever-growing catalog of world-famous IT components and hardware, has always made headlines at COMPUTEX. With superior technology and innovative solutions, BIOSTAR products always get the crowd excited.

Due to the current pandemic, global industries have taken radical steps to reach their audience personally and professionally. Taipei Computer Association (TCA), the central governing body responsible for COMPUTEX, has done its part to take the internationally awaited expo to the next level with the introduction of COMPUTEX Cyberworld 2021.

COMPUTEX Cyberworld is a year-long industrial networking Hub that includes online showcasing, business matchmaking, industry news, multimedia, networking, and much more. Global professionals can get access to thousands of ICT products throughout the production chain using a user-friendly interface. Giving them unfiltered access to trending topics, investment opportunities, keynotes & forums, and many more.

BIOSTAR Presence Computex 2021 PR 2

BIOSTAR proudly announced that some of their best products including the latest VALKYRIE and RACING series motherboards will be on display at COMPUTEX Cyberworld 2021. Many more products and product-related news will be on showcase throughout the year, so BIOSTAR eagerly invites everyone, from business professionals, potential buyers to hopeful business partners to visit their online stall and use the platform to directly contact BIOSTAR for all business purposes. Furthermore, BIOSTAR plans to add real-time online contact feature on the official website for more convenient and fast communication for users.

The COMPUTEX Cyberworld 2021 has opened up the door for fast communication with the right people so BIOSTAR hopes that this helps professionals around the world to be directly involved with them and actively use the communication services provided by the platform to make new business connections effectively.

Visit the BIOSTAR booth here:

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