IOSTAR, a manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices today, introduces the SMART UPDATE utility tool for users to update their BIOS and essential motherboard drivers hassle-free.

Initially supporting the 600 series and above motherboards, BIOSTAR’s new SMART UPDATE tool makes updating BIOS and system drivers a breeze for even the less tech-savvy users.

BIOSTAR Smart Update Utility PR 2

One-click update has never been a more appropriate description for any utility software, with a single click of the mouse, users can download and install official drivers, BIOS, and new driver updates from BIOSTAR’s official website.

Installation Process

  1. After install your OS and plug in Lan cable
  2. Go to BIOSTAR website and Download the Smart Update utility
  3. Extract the file at your computer desktop
  4. Run the SmartUpdate.exe and press the Download Update
  5. The utility will start to download the drivers from website and install
  6. Install Driver Finish! Please Reboot System!

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