Yep, you read that right folks. We have a new build guide this side of 2019. Our aim with this 20K Pesos / $400 USD guide is the same as before and that’s to provide a console grade gaming experience or even better. Another goal we’d like to set is to make sure that the system is upgrade friendly as much as possible.

Again, the prices you’ll see here are definitely not final, as fluctuations do occur naturally. The prices and items listed here are mostly taken from PCHub, TipidPC and other local retailers. While Amazon and Newegg pricing are also taken into consideration, this guide is built for the SEA Region. That said, pricing and components availability will definitely vary.

Processor: AMD Athlon 200GE | 3580 Pesos

The AMD Athlon 200GE is a budget oriented socket AM4 based 2-core / 4-thread CPU running at 3.2 GHz with 4MB of L3 cache. The Athlon 200GE also features the Radeon Vega 3, support for DDR4 @ 2666MHz and has a TDP of 35W.

20K Budget AMD Gaming PC Q1 2019 (5)

We picked the Athlon 200GE due to its decent frequency yet capable multi-threading performance. The 35W TDP also ensures that we don’t need a fancy cooler and the Vega 3 graphics cherry topped the deal should you need it. The Athlon 220GE is actually our initial pick, but at its core, the chip just an overclocked 200GE at an extra sum.

Motherboard: ASRock A320M-HDV | 2580 Pesos

The ASRock H110M-HDV is an entry level AM4 motherboard based on the A320 chipset. It supports DDR4 memory overclocking at up to 3200MHz and comes with today’s essentials. That includes a healthy amount of back panel options and support for NVME or M.2 based storage in general.

20K Budget AMD Gaming PC Q1 2019 (3)

Now the ASRock A320M-HDV doesn’t feature CPU overclocking yet it features a 7+1 power phase design. Enough to support the higher end Ryzen CPUs. This is also a good indication that power delivery is well spread-out and is more than enough to supply power without overheating. With care and based on AMD’s roadmap for the AM4 platform, this should surpass the other components when it comes to future upgrades.


The Cryorig M9A is supposed to make it on the list but since the Athlone 200GE comes with its own cooler, there’s no reason to add any.

Memory: Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 @ 2666MHz 4GBx2 | 3000 Pesos

The Crucial Ballistix Sport LT with part number BLS4G4D26BFSB is our pick here. It features a memory frequency of 2666MHz with timings at 16-18-18. It is practically similar to our test system’s undying Crucial Ballistix Tactical.

20K Budget AMD Gaming PC Q1 2019 (2)

We could go lower, but the jump from 2400MHz to 2666MHz is too good to pass considering the small gap in pricing. Also, 4GB of RAM wont really cut it with today’s games and applications so get two at a total of 3000 Pesos.

Graphics: Sapphire RX 560 Pulse OC 4GB | 6990 Pesos

Our pick here is the timely Sapphire RX 560 Pulse OC 4GB. Practically, the best RX 560 model in terms of local pricing. This model features 4GB of GDDR5 clocked at 1750MHz. Core clock on the other hand goes all the way up to 1300MHz.

20K Budget AMD Gaming PC Q1 2019 (1)

Card of choice is initially the Galax GTX 1050 Ti OC. Both are great cards but we ultimately went with the RX 560 due to its synergy with the build and its comparable performance with the GTX 1050 Ti.

Storage: Klevv Neo N500 SATA SSD 120GB | 990 Pesos

The Klevv Neo N500 SATA SSD 120GB is the cheapest SSD we could find with decent specifications and a 3 year warranty. This is a stylish looking 3D NAND based storage device with 520MB/s read and 470MB/s write performance.

20K Budget AMD Gaming PC Q1 2019 (4)

The WD Caviar Blue 1TB is also a good option if you are willing to sacrifice the extra cash and speed for capacity. The 240GB TeamGroup L3 Evo SSD is a runner up as well at 1499 Pesos.

Power: Corsair VS450 | 1690 Pesos

The Corsair VS450 is still a solid choice when it comes to power supply units, offering 450W of total power with a 3 year warranty. It is also 80 Plus certified, comes with decent amount of connectors and is just a darn good basic PSU.

20K Budget AMD Gaming PC Q1 2019 (6)

The VS450 more than enough to power our system even with future upgrades in mind. Close runner ups are the FSP Hyper K 500W, Hyper S 600W and the Seasonic ECO PLUS 400W.

Case: Tecware Nexus M TG | 1550 Pesos

The Techware Nexus M TG surpassed the Deepcool Smarter on this new build guide for a couple of reasons. It features good front panel options, decent expansion slots and 3 fans on top of the tempered glass side panel.

20K Budget AMD Gaming PC Q1 2019 (7)

The Nexus M TG is one of those few inexpensive yet premium looking chassis under 2000 Pesos. This deal is just hard to pass.

Build Summary:

The total for this build with the SSD option is exactly 20380 Pesos. That’s about $391 USD based on the current exchange rate.

Components Brand/Model Price
Processor AMD Athlon 200GE ₱3580
Motherboard Asrock A320M HDV ₱2580
Cooler NA NA
Memory Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 @ 2600MHz 4GBx2 ₱3000
Graphics Sapphire RX 560 Pulse OC 4GB ₱6990
Storage Klevv Neo N500 SATA SSD 120GB ₱990
Power Corsair VS450 450W ₱1690
Case Tecware Nexus M TG ₱1550
Total   ₱20380

With the AMD Athlon 200GE and the Radeon RX 560 at its core, the system is expected to perform well with most competitive games at modest settings under 1080P. Recommended in game settings to reach 60 FPS and above are low to medium, but you could get away with higher settings under 720P. As usual, it is best to play with the settings on your own especially with intensive titles. Check out the Game-Debate comparison for more information about the card’s capabilities.

As for the CPU, don’t expect it to blow you away but don’t expect it to tank either – Fortnite is even playable with its integrated graphics under 720P. The Athlon 200GE is actually a pretty decent CPU made to allow more budget for better GPUs instead. Our build’s components also made it possible to get a better processor in the near future so there’s no need to worry when the opportunity arises.

Now most of you will definitely prefer a 1TB HDD over an SSD and that is perfectly fine. A 120GB SSD will only net you 2-3 games at most and the updates are not helping either. I’d still vouch for an SSD though especially the 240GB TeamGroup option since NAND pricing could go bonkers anytime of the year. HDD prices on the other hand are pretty much stable. Then again, it is your choice to make.

If you have questions and or recommendations, feel free to let us know in the comments section down below.


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