CableMod is proud to announce the latest revolution in custom PC cabling – the CableMod Configurator. With the CableMod Configurator, users will be able to customize their very own PC cables quickly and easily, allowing them to tailor cables for over 150 PSU models.

CableMod Configurator PR (4)

The CableMod Configurator makes customizing cables a simple affair. Users begin by first choosing their PSU from an extensive list of models from some of the most popular brands, including:

  • Corsair
  • EVGA
  • Seasonic
  • Cooler Master
  • be quiet!
  • Silverstone
  • XFX

From there, users will be able to choose exactly the cables they need for their build, and furthermore, define the lengths for each cable using the simple sliders. The CableMod Configurator makes it easy by only displaying cables that are compatible with the PSU the user has selected.

CableMod Configurator PR (1)

After adding the cables they need, the real fun begins. Users will then be able to customize the colors on each cable type, selecting from a wide variety of CableMod ModFlex™ sleeving colors. Simply select the desired color, and color in each wire – it’s really that easy!

CableMod Configurator PR (2)


After defining their cable kit, users can also choose from a number of additional cables and accessories, including cable combs, additional stock cables, as well as CableMod WideBeam LED Strips for added customization possibilities.

CableMod Configurator PR (3)


Once the order is submitted, CableMod goes to work to make the users creation a reality. Users can expect an estimated wait time of 1-2 weeks or a full set of customized cables.

Simple to use and made to order – the CableMod Configurator represents next-level PC customization.

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