Colorful Technology announces its latest addition to the Colorful family of graphics cards with the COLORFUL GT 1030 2G. Suitable for office or home use.

The Colorful GT 1030 2G ships with 384 Streaming Multiprocessors and runs at a base clock frequency of 1227 MHz. The GPU Boost clock speed is rated for 1468 MHz and is based on the Pascal GP108 silicone.

This card has been outfitted with GDDR5 memory at 2GB capacity and is wired to a 64-bit bus. The GPU has 24 TMUs, 8 ROPs and has a rated draw of 30 watts power consumption making the card a highly efficient choice.

With a solid-capacitor power delivery design, COLORFUL provides customers better and more stability while maintaining excellent performance. It has a 90mm fan and a solid cooler featuring compact thermal fins keeping the card cool even under extreme loads.

The performance of the Colorful GT1030 2G is 3 times faster than using integrated card to view HTML5 web, 2.1 times with productivity software and 12.75 times to use photo-editing software. Besides, Colorful GT 1030 2G can drive most of the popular games.

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