Many IT specialists are in doubts whether they need to get a certification or not.  So, in this article, on the example of 70-480 we’ll show the advantages of being a certified IT expert. If you are working in IT, the validation of your skills by a globally recognized vendor like Microsoft is a real benefit.

To get such credential, you have to pass a certification exam, which testifies that you’re an expert in a specific area. It’s an effective way to measure your skills and knowledge and your readiness to perform the required tasks. But an exam goes beyond just testing skills and knowledge. It’s also a way of building your confidence and developing your personality.

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Preparing for exams and passing them make you a valuable employee and changes your perception of things in a positive way. This is exactly why candidates take the Microsoft 70-480 exam. It’s their way of demonstrating that they have acquired useful web developer skills. This article brings you an overview of this exam and its preparation guide.

Why Take Exam 70-480?

This exam is a pathway towards achieving your MCSA: Web Applications certification. After passing 70-480 exam, the next thing for you to do is to take Microsoft 70-486 exam. Both of them are required to earn the MCSA: Applications credential.

Who should Take Exam 70-480?

This is the right exam for candidates who wish to demonstrate their skills in developing web applications. Before sitting for it, you must have an experience of up to one year in developing web applications with HTML5 using both JavaScript and CSS3. This exam test that you have a profound understanding of the following:

  • Program flow as well as events managing
  • Data validation
  • How to work with data collections that include JQuery
  • Asynchronous programming
  • How to handle errors and exceptions?
  • Error and exceptions handling
  • How to work with expressions, operators, and variables
  • Decision and repetition/iteration statements

What Does Exam 70-480 Include?

Before you take your 70-480 exam, you need to know what it entails. Let’s take a close look at the details:

  • Question types: May consist of the best answer, build list, multiple choice, case studies, drag-and-drop, short answer, hot area, mark review, active screen, and review screen
  • Number of questions: 40-60
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Cost: $165
  • Pass score: 700 marks

Preparing for Your 70-480 Exam

There’s isn’t a single sure formula to pass the exam. You need to begin your 70-480 exam prep by first understanding what the syllabus includes. Go through the official website for Microsoft to get this necessary information. This will act as a guide as you decide on what resources to use.

Preparation won’t be about using short cuts or little effort. You’ll have to do a lot of studying, learning, and practicing with past tests. This means you’ll need books, practice tests, and training courses among other exam materials. And don’t forget that the Microsoft 70-480 exam is about testing your web developer skills. You have to learn a lot of coding by practicing with labs. A hands-on experience is critical.

Exam 70-480 Preparation Material

Below we’ve listed exam materials that will help you understand the 70-480 exam topics and how to approach it:

  1. Study Guide

Exam Ref 70-480 from Microsoft Press is a great book for your exam prep. You can get it from Microsoft Press or Amazon. Another reliable guide for this exam is the 70-480 exam training guide.

  1. Exam 70-480 Practice Test

Practicing your knowledge allows you to know your readiness for the exam. This approach also helps you build your confidence as it teaches you how to answer the questions that come in the real exam. You can obtain the Microsoft 70-480 practice exam questions from the following sites:

  • PrepAway
  • Exam-Labs
  • Exam-Collection
  • ExamSnap
  1. Training Courses

The Microsoft 70-480 exam instructor-led course is good in preparing you to take the exam. You can also go for the self-paced course. The course is tailored to meet your web developer study needs. You can access it on Microsoft Learning.

  1. Hands-On Labs Training

Master web applications development by using the following labs available to you on Microsoft Learning:

  • Introduction to Web Resources
  • Build a Simple Website Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  1. Other Useful 70-480 Exam Prep Materials

Exam resources like a video training course, practice tests, and study guides are useful in understanding the demands of exam 70-480. PrepAway offers you a unique chance to get the most updated study materials for your preparation and pass your test at the first attempt. This resourceful site is there to help you focus on what it takes to succeed in your Microsoft exam.

Another important resource to use is the Microsoft Learning Community. Through this, you can find great discussions and blogs related to your exam. You can also ask questions or read useful feedback from recent test takers as well as candidates that are also getting ready to take their exam.

Is Exam 70-480 Worth It?

Through the Microsoft 70-480 exam, you’re going to learn so many things that will empower you in your web developer responsibilities. You’ll gain skills that will promote your career in many ways. Apart from skills, passing the exam gives you an opportunity to earn the MCSA Web Applications credential. This would be the beginning of growing your web developer profession to unlimited levels.

Earning a certification is also beneficial to you in other ways. One of them is in how you’re going to find jobs easily. You can work as a web developer, software developer, systems developer, and web administrator. These are job positions that are demanding in terms of time, effort and skills. This means that being a professional in this field, employers will go into great lengths in ensuring that your skills are compensated well. The salary that you’ll earn will depend on your experience and location. According to Payscale web resource,you can earn an average annual pay of $163,601.

Final Thoughts

Web developer skills are worth all the time, effort and resources invested in gaining them. By taking the Microsoft 70-480 exam, you prove that you want to grow to become a useful expert in developing apps for enterprises. It also helps you discover your strengths and capabilities. Mastering the skills isn’t a walk in the park. By passing your exam, you’ll become more visible to others. They’ll be able to appreciate your commitment and hard work in all you do.

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