Sports betting and casino gaming are two terms that come up simultaneously whenever gambling is mentioned. Both are popular, and when narrowed down in detail, they are the main categories of iGaming. Online gambling is expanding at lightning speed, thanks to what’s happening on both fronts, i.e., the sports betting and casino industries.

In the current Internet gambling market, platforms like the ICE Casino, a legit website, prefers strictly offering casino games, whereas others feature only sports betting. Meanwhile, many more operators have been doubling as a bookmaker and a casino, leveraging the best of both worlds under one roof. Thus, gamblers with different tastes can relish all their favorite options without switching websites.

Well, while both verticals are considered gambling, the two are usually worlds apart, often attracting different types of audiences. Overall, the main difference between betting on an online bookmaker platform and gambling at any online casino is usually the rules of play and whether a player’s input affects the outcome at the end of the day. However, this does not imply that one is better since it all comes down to player preferences. That said, today, we’ll look at the differences between online casinos and bookmakers based on three main points of focus as follows:

  • Games of luck vs. games of skill
  • How wins are calculated
  • The availability of trial versions or free-to-play options

Chance and Skill Levels

While all wagers can also be referred to as bets regardless of the type of gambling a player participates in, it is pretty rare to hear the word ‘gambling’ in sports betting circles. This is because gambling is considered to carry more risk than betting. One of the main differences between sports betting and playing casino games is the amount of chance or/and skill involved for one to win.

Sports betting requires that the punters have some knowledge of the sport they are betting on and, therefore, have a level of control over the outcome. On the other hand, many online casino games are pretty different as players entirely depend on luck and chance for the result. This is because online casino games use random number generators to create the outcomes for a single instance of gambling.

The debate about which is a greater risk for players has been stirring in legal circles as countries and states decide whether to legalize one or both genres of iGaming. Additionally, some gambling games like Daily Fantasy Sports and online poker are often considered games of skill, making them more acceptable when it comes to legalization, especially in the USA.

How Wins Are Calculated

As mentioned, online casino games come installed with a random number generator, and once a bet is placed and the game initialized, nothing can be done to change the final result. For example, when playing an online slot game, once you click the ‘Play’ button after setting the bet level, the outcome is already sealed. Even though the player can see the reels spinning for some time before stopping on specific symbols, there’s nothing the player can do to alter the final result.

Meanwhile, sports betting comes with a certain level of complexity. For starters, the player must understand the different betting markets laid out by the bookmaker. Moreover, in many sportsbooks, bettors can change some of their bets as the game progresses to boost players’ winning potential. Sportsbooks also provide options for live in-play betting, allowing plungers to place wagers based on how the game is going.

Free Games and Bets

Most casino games come with some form of trial where gamblers can play the games with fun money as they get ready to start playing for real money. This gives them a feeling of the game before they can make up their minds on what games they like most. However, when it comes to sports betting, there is no trial run, and bets have to be placed with real cash.

On the flip side, both feature promotions and other incentives entice players to jump into action. For instance, sportsbooks often offer free bets, and online casinos advertise free spins, cashback, and bonuses.

The Choice is Yours!

There is a noticeable difference in the views of lawmakers worldwide regarding iGaming. Depending on the players’ jurisdiction, online casinos and sportsbooks may concurrently exist, or there may only be one option for bettors in that region. This fact leads to the thought that some have vilified one and embraced the other sector of iGaming.

The good news is that as gambling revenues continue to skyrocket and generate billions for some states and countries, things are changing fast. Legislators in previously conservative areas have started opening up to regulating the industry and channeling some of the revenue that initially belonged to the black market into the economy. Thus, from what’s happening across the globe regarding gaming regulations, the future for both these facets of iGaming is definitely a bright one.

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