With the sheer number of tools and resources available to amateur website designers and to anyone who needs a website, it’s easy to understand why you may think it will be a waste of money to hire a professional to build your website. However, the reality is that only a very few of these websites end up being executed very well. Some may find comprehending the technical details of hosting, designing, and publishing a website to be very challenging indeed.

More than the technical aspects of web design, the level of creativity and skills that comes with hiring a professional web designer is virtually incomparable to a web design novice using ready-made templates and stock images. In fact, the different elements and complexities of web design may only become apparent when you actually consult a professional.

Before deciding to create a DIY website, consider these reasons why you need to hire a professional instead:

Saves Time and Effort

In the long run, outsourcing your company’s web design requirements can save your company time, money, and effort. That’s why it’s important to choose a reliable firm that provides excellent web design services Philippines-based companies can rely on. By engaging a local company, you’ll be able to communicate effectively with the web designers and developers. You can meet with them face-to-face to talk about your objectives and vision for your brand’s website.

When built efficiently from scratch, a website will only need  to be created once and will just require subsequent minor tweaks, which means the launch of your brand’s online presence will not experience delays. Unlike an amateur who needs to research the ins and outs of publishing a website, a professional already knows what they’re doing. They are better equipped with the knowledge and tools to create and implement the website as scheduled, barring unforeseen circumstances.

Builds Credibility Online

A website is akin to a business card that you give away to potential customers, hoping it will provide a strong and lasting positive first impression. However, unlike a business card that’s limited to a tiny piece of paper, a website can have unlimited pages with multimedia content, giving customers a more in-depth view of what your company is all about. With such fierce competition online, it’s important to get your brand’s messaging right the first time.

At best, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer with some web design skills, you may come up with a website using existing templates. But these templates are used by thousands, if not tens of thousands of other users, making your DIY website very generic and impersonal to your brand.

If you want your website to establish your online presence and build credibility, it has to be customized to your brand’s aesthetic and be consistent with the brand’s messaging and value propositions. For these reasons, you need a professional web designer who has the ability to customize your website to reflect your company and present your products and services in the most effective ways.

Ensures Security and Support

The proliferation of hackers, identity thieves, and other online criminals is a real threat to businesses everywhere. As such, sophisticated strategies and tools need to be implemented to protect your customer and corporate information from getting hacked or compromised.

An experienced web designer would know the proper protocols since they are likely to be updated about the latest security trends, which means they can build websites that are resilient against these threats. Moreover, they can provide support when the software or tools require updating from time to time.

A website is never truly done; there will always be something that needs to be repaired or maintained. A case in point is any e-commerce website, which will require product pages to be added to it regularly and whose security posture may need to be updated just as frequently. Working with a web design firm, your company can easily implement changes and maintain your website with help from experts.

In terms of security, open-source software used by DIY website builders often lack the capability to secure the information submitted by customers. Without standard security protocols and technical support, your website may become vulnerable to attacks that could compromise your data.

Provides a Satisfying User Experience

For most commercial websites, the ultimate goal is to convert visitors into paying customers. However, this can only happen if the website is designed effectively, providing a satisfying user experience with easy navigation, trustworthy content, and clearly defined calls to action.

User experience is one of the most important elements in any website design project. That’s why designers often use different quality tests such as quantitative and qualitative data analysis and AB testing to ensure that the website is performing as expected with conversion rates at acceptable levels.

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A DIY website may do just fine as a static website, but when it comes to conversion, a website has to offer more functionalities to the user. Unfortunately, it would take a lot of time and effort for non-professionals to create a dynamic website that’s not even guaranteed to convert visitors.

Learning to do things on your own is a great way to save money and acquire skills. However, there are just some areas of your business that you would not want to compromise, and one of these is your corporate or e-commerce website.

A professionally made website is a powerful tool to introduce new customers to your brand. Unlike an amateur website that may call too much negative attention to itself, a well-designed website will likely draw attention to the products and services it features in the best ways possible. More importantly, it should compel users to click on that subscribe or add-to-cart button and not wonder whether the website is legitimate or not.

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