You guys might remember that we reviewed the ECS LIVA Mini PC before, and even-though we liked it for its merits, there are still many areas to be improved on. ECS is well aware of the things that needs changing, so this 2015 they had the LIVA’s Bat-Mini motherboard updated.

ECS LIVA Bat Mini 2 Spotted CES 2015 (1)

Now the updated version of the Bat-Mini motherboard wont be launching with the current LIVA, but will most likely be introduced with the next ECS LIVA that will be fully compatible with Windows 7. In addition, the new Bat-Mini features a slimmer and smarter I/O design, which makes good use of the small PCB real estate. For example, the RAM and SoC processor is now located on the other side of the PCB; which could be beneficial for cooling. There are 3 visible USB ports (1x USB 3.0) but we’re pretty sure there’s another Two at the back if that’s not the LAN Port.

ECS LIVA Bat Mini 2 Spotted CES 2015 (2)

Overall I like the design of the new Bat-Mini board, and hopefully, we’ll find out more about them from ECS’ CES 2015 Suite. Based on our findings, the board is compatible with the Steam OS, so it must be packing some serious grunt.


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