Elitegroup Computer Systems debuts their next generation LIVA ZE / XE series mini PCs, bringing back elegance and convenience to users.

Meanwhile, Elitegroup and AMD join arms to release the latest A320 motherboards, which are robust in quality and provides the most bang for the buck, garnering tons of attention from the media and market.

Hand-Sized for Your Convenience

The new LIVA XE is about the size of a soda can that fits in your hands. It can be mounted behind your monitor via a VESA Mount, and it already incorporates an 802.11ac Wi-Fi / BT module, so that you can save more desk space for work. LIVA XE is powered by Intel Braswell processors, built-in 2GB / 4GB memory plus 32GB / 64GB eMMC, Moreover, users can step the game up by installing M.2 SSDs for larger space and speedier performances.


On the other hand, users may also utilize the onboard HDMI and D-SUB headers to set up dual monitors, or even use a remote desktop application to stream data content from LIVA XE.

Power Overwhelming

The design concept behind the next gen LIVA ZE is “petit yet powerful”. Boosted by Intel’s state-of-the-art Apollo Lake processors and dual channel memory, LIVA ZE can decode HEVC H.265 or VP9 content and then output 4K UHD videos effortlessly. Whether you want a mini PC or a multimedia player, now why not have both. In addition, the USB Type-C design allows users to connect the newest mobile phones and pads. Besides all of that, LIVA ZE and XE are both blessed with a fan less design, hence users finally get the performance and serenity they long deserved.


Furthermore, LIVA ZE has two built-in GbE LAN Ports that support Dual LanFast II technology. For those who do not take information security lightly, rest assured that you can use one port for intranet ERP systems and the other for extranet. Speaking about expandability, LIVA ZE comes with a built-in GPIO and supports up to four RS232 expansion modules, so turning it into a Kiosk, POS, Invoice Machine, Customer Displayer or Barcode Scanner is totally doable. Also, LIVA ZE is compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 OS, so the possibilities are limitless.

High Performance and Quality

Elitegroup teams hand up with AMD to release brand new X370, B350, A320 series motherboards that support AMD’s latest RYZEN processors and 7th gen APUs. The new motherboards are incarnated by the four legendary beasts in Chinese folklore: the white tiger as X370, the red phoenix as B350, and black tortoise as A320. The first to be released is Elitegroup’s A320AM4-M3 motherboard, which has undergone arduous testing repeatedly. It is fully compatible with mainstream heat retention modules on the market. When it comes to storage, the onboard M.2 adopts a PCIe Gen3 x4 design that offers up to 32 Gbps bandwidth, therefore even gaming is lag less. What’s even more impressive is that it carries ECS DRAM Fine Tuner II technology, which squeezes out every last drop of performance from your DDR4 memory modules.


Speaking of quality, A320AM4-M3 is packed with all solid capacitors and primo MoSFETs for composing a highly efficient power supply module, thus drastically reducing heat. But that’s not all, the PCI-E slots are built to withstand over 1500 plug-ins and removals, and the PCB temperature can remain under 500C even with top-tier graphics cards installed. A320AM4-M3 is built to last, strong and robust as the legendary black tortoise.

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