As a leading manufacturer for lifestyle eSports gear, including NVIDIA based Graphics Card, SSD, DRAM and other Gaming hardware and accessories, GALAXY is delighted to announce that they will be joining Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Founded in 1994, GALAXY has built its reputation as the behind-the-scene designer and manufacturer of many of the most popular OEM-branded Graphics Cards on the market. Especially the Hall of Fame branded products, which are designed and supported by HOF enthusiasts, World class overclockers and Gamers around the globe with only one objective – to break records.

This year, GALAX team will introduce a whole new splendid series to celebrate the 10th anniversary of HOF, and continue to show the audiences their quality latest products at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

GALAX TGS 2019 PR (2)

During the 4 days event, we will be hosting a lot of activities for PC enthusiasts and Gamers, including:

  • Overclocking and guitar performance
  • PUBG Streaming with Miss Aisaka
  • Shimpei S Fortnite Streaming
  • Pro Gamers Event