Nothing still beats the feeling of playing HALO on the PC, especially if you’re a fan. The last time we saw the series was with HALO 2’s dismaying Vista only capabilities, which is also riddled with bugs. After that, Microsoft went silent for years even for a petition to let HALO 3 & 4 to be released or ported to the PC. They just wont listen to their fans, considering that PC softwares are their bread and butter. They released a tablet version though.

Fast forward today, HALO is coming back to the PC not as a single player shooter, but as a Free To Play Multiplayer game based on HALO 3’s engine that comes with massive improvements. Dubbed as HALO Online, the game features some of HALO 4’s notable features such as sprinting, and the good old vehicular combat.

The game is seen to feature customizable weapon attachments, loadouts, and even armors in which most probably, will require micro transactions if you want the cool looking ones. It appears that it’s still under Closed Beta Testing phase and Russia is where it is currently being tested. No words about the release date and the availability yet.

In Mother Russia, HALO comes to you.

Source: Ultimate HALO

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