How to Rename Your PC Under Windows 10

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Rename any windows PC with these simple steps

While renaming  it is not detrimental to your PC in any way, it is still important to consider if you’re working on a large workgroup or networks. Personally, I always make sure to rename a new PC, becoming a habitual task that I shall never forget. It is easy and a worthy thing to do – so let us jump straight on it.


The easiest way to rename the PC is by visiting the Windows Settings via the notification button at the right side of your task bar (All Settings>System>About). You can also use the Search Button next to the Windows Start Menu button and just type “About” to get started. This can also be done within the Windows Setting’s search bar.


By default, Windows will name your PC in a random way. This is not the best practice, since you’ll get to see the same DESKTOP-XXXXXXX naming scheme on your workgroup, network, or OneDrive. Meaning it’s a total mess if you’re working with multiple PCs. Click the Rename PC button to get started.


You are allowed to use a maximum of 15 characters to rename your Windows 10 PC. Spaces are not allowed, so trail each words with a dash as an equivalent. I name my PC based on the motherboard used and its purpose so that I could easily identify it on my network. Makes it easier to transfer softwares and test files from my NAS without a hiccup.


Restart your PC once you’re finished. You can look back at the About section to check if you successfully renamed the PC. That’s it!




Another simple yet a little longer method is to visit the Control Panel’s Advanced System Settings (Control Panel>Systems & Security>System>Advanced System Settings). You can go here by looking for the Windows System folder at the Start Menu (Start>Windows System>Control Panel), by pressing Windows Key + X (WinX>System), or by searching for the word System using the search button under Windows 10.


Once inside, click that Advanced System Settings link at the upper left side of the window. It will pop-up a new window with 5 main tabs. Click the Computer Name tab then click the Change button to rename the PC.


At this window, you can either select your PC to become a member of Domain or a Workgroup. This is where most system builders change the PC names since it is a little more convenient for them to assign a domain and rename the PC altogether. You can even add a description for your PC so that other members at the workgroup will know what your PC is all about.


Press OK once you’re done and don’t forget to restart your PC.


As said earlier, renaming your PC is no daunting task. It keeps your network and workgroup organized, ultimately contributing to a healthier work space. Make this a habit if you’re working with multiple PCs every now and then or… if you just bought a new gaming system that needs to be flaunted on the network.

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