Intel’s latest microprocessors – The Skylake based Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K, contrary to the past flagships,  does not come with their own coolers. This is due to the fact that they are unlocked and are very well suited for overclocking. That said, any enthusiasts who are willing to take the 1151 socket/ Z170 chipset path are most likely going to buy an aftermarket cooler for them to utilize that fact.

While we thought Intel had no plans on releasing a cooler to be bundled in the future, the company on the other hand just released the TS15A cooler for the 1151 socket based processors – The Skylakes. Bearing a cylindrical semblance to the former fin type bundled coolers, the TS15A appears to stop there, as it features a thin circular array of fins with a copper plat the bottom surface for maximum heat dissipation.

Intel TS15A Cooler (3)

Not only that, the cooler is huge as well towering over the slim Intel 1150/1155 coolers bundled on certain SKUs. Both appears to share the same 90mm PWM fan & housing though, and might also feature the same fan speed specifications.

Intel TS15A Cooler (2)

Currently listed at Akiba PC Hotline at ¥5162 (1,921 Pesos) the Intel TS15A cooler puts itself in direct competition to similarly priced aftermarket towers and AIO coolers from companies such as CoolerMaster, Deepcool Antec, and NZXT. The Intel TS15A features a 3 year limited warranty.

Intel TS15A Cooler (5)


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