Kingston Technology declared its impressive achievement as the top third-party supplier of DRAM modules worldwide. This recognition comes from TrendForce, an analyst firm, which ranked Kingston as the leader with a remarkable 78.12% market share, translating into $13.5 billion in revenue. Despite a 4.6% year-over-year drop in DRAM module sales throughout the industry in 2022, Kingston managed to maintain its number one status for the 20th consecutive year, albeit with a slight reduction in revenue.

TrendForce’s report highlights that the five leading memory module companies collectively accounted for 90% of the sales in 2022, and Kingston retained its dominant market share of 78.12%. The challenging economic climate, marked by high inflation and its impact on consumer electronics purchases, affected the industry. However, Kingston’s robust brand presence and well-established product supply chain shielded it from a more significant revenue decline, allowing it to retain its top market share position.

kingston holds position leading dram supplier 2022

In 2022, Kingston introduced a fresh look for its award-winning Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 and Renegade DDR5 memory modules, featuring white heat spreaders. This design innovation allows users to select the color that best matches their personal style. In a world where most computer systems are meticulously designed, Kingston now offers modules that can complement both the classic all-black setups and the increasingly popular all-white PC configurations.

Kingston’s response to these findings from TrendForce was one of pride and adaptability. Kingston emphasized its enduring presence in the market and underscored its resilience and importance within the industry, celebrating its 20th year at the top. The company’s ability to navigate another challenging year and maintain its top position reflects its ongoing expansion and adaptability.

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