Celebrating the new year always brings in renewed vigor and energy to face the challenges ahead. This 2021, people will still be adjusting to the new normal brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in working and studying at home. Fortunately, personal computers help keep the world going even under quarantine. But when faced with multiple projects and deadlines, students and employees alike may find that a standard, mainstream laptop for general home use cannot always keep up with current demands. Global technology and innovation leader Lenovo suggests utilizing gaming PCs instead, as they have the performance needed to power through 2021 and beyond.

Gaming PCs are more than capable of bolstering productivity through components such as a dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU) or graphics card, better memory and storage capacity, and the latest processors. Lenovo, through its dedicated gaming sub-brand Legion, offers its newest gaming lineup with devices that transcend both personal and professional use.

The dedicated graphics cards in the devices allow users to see and render images and videos to the highest quality with ease, making the job of digital artists more seamless than ever. Adding to this exceptional performance are the enhanced memory and solid-state drive (SSD) storage options that allow programs to run quickly and simultaneously without any hiccups, as well as the latest Intel and AMD processors that unlock other features for more intensive work tasks. Furthermore, the new Legion devices are sleeker and lighter than ever, allowing them to fit right in even in corporate settings.

Lenovo Legion Price Drop 2021 PR 2

That said, Lenovo made some recommendations of Legion gaming PCs ideal for different professions to complement everyone’s renewed vigor in facing new challenges this 2021.

  • For online entrepreneurs/business owners – IdeaPad Gaming 3i (now starts at PHP 43,995)
  • For content creators (vloggers, graphic designers, photographers, video editors, animators, and layout artists) – Legion 5Pi (now starts at PHP 67,995)
  • For musicians – Legion 7i (now starts at PHP 99,995)
  • For programmers and developers – Legion 5/5i (now starts at PHP 52,995)
  • For teachers and professors – IdeaCentre Gaming 5i (now starts at PHP 49,995)
  • For 3D designers and architects – Legion Tower 5i (now starts at PHP 69,995)

Built to last, Legion gaming PCs for work make a great investment in the long run. Further extending their longevity is Lenovo’s 3-Year Premium Care warranty solution that comes bundled with the devices upon purchase. The service includes comprehensive technical support for any hardware and software concerns, a 24×7 direct hotline to Lenovo experts, and On-site Repair. It also includes an annual PC Health Check to maintain the computer’s health. All these features and services in Legion’s newest devices position Lenovo as an integrated solutions provider capable of helping customers address their most critical needs and prepare for the challenges ahead. Lenovo is dedicated to building and managing smarter IT service solutions that are designed to drive customers’ intelligent transformation and empower them to be more agile and efficient in pursuit of their desired outcomes.

New Year, New Prices and Promos

The Legion lineup’s new prices for 2021 add another reason to get one for work this year. To celebrate the new year, Lenovo Legion removed up to PHP 45,000 off from the prices of several of its gaming devices, including those mentioned above. More information about the new prices can be found on <fb.com/lenovolegionPH/posts/1110268429395060>

Also, buyers purchasing a Legion device from now up to January 31, 2021 will earn corresponding Empire points under the extended Empire Christmas Sale. All of the Legion devices discussed above are part of the sale, and participants buying them can get exclusive items such as a gaming keyboard, mouse, and chair upon redemption of points.

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