New update adds the Scroll of Alchemy and Cruma Core dungeon

Netmarble Games Corp., announced today that its mobile MMORPG Lineage2 Revolution introduced a new update adding the Scroll of Alchemy and Cruma Core dungeon.

The newly introduced Scroll of Alchemy is a system that upgrades items or creates Blessed Scroll and Elixirs. If players wish to create or upgrade equipment, they can forge it by adding the Scroll of Alchemy and Enhancement Scroll. Players can randomly obtain the Unconfirmed Scroll of Alchemy when hunting for monsters in the field. When players fail to enhance their equipment using a Blessed Enhancement Scroll, twice the amount of Maphr fragments are given compared to when regularly using the Enhancement Scroll.

Cruma Core, which was newly added to the clan dungeon, is a dungeon with a high level of difficulty. The Monster Cruma Core attacks clans with its skills, including mind control, time reset, and silence.

Under mind control attack, clan members start behaving oddly and attacks each other. Silence prevents the players from using their skills. The Cruma Core challengers are recommended to come up with distinguished strategies and unite stronger than ever.

Netmarble will be conducting a giveaway event throughout September. All players, who sign in to the game between September 6 and 17, will be eligible for items, including Grade R Exclusive Weapon Selection Box, Scroll of Alchemy and Blessed Scroll bundle.

The dice event will be held between September 6 and 26, which allows players to simply roll the dice with with points earned from gameplay. Players will receive points when completing simple missions, such as clearing daily dungeons or attending clans, and acquire various items on the dice board, including players’ favorite Maphr’s protection fragments.

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