Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company worldwide, announced that its mobile MMORPG Lineage2 Revolution had a massive update, introducing a new region Oren and UR grade equipment.

First, the level cap was increased from 180 to 260. Following this change, hell modes boasting higher level of difficulty than existing dungeons, came to Daily Dungeon, Equipment Dungeon, Adena Dungeon and EXP dungeon. Summoning Stone Dungeon received very hard mode.

The region located in the northern Aden, Oren has also become available and opened to all Lineage2 Revolution players. Oren is a border area in frequent conflicts and has the most advanced military culture within the kingdom of Aden. The territory full of powerful monsters and special rewards will lead the players into a series of absorbing adventures.

Lineage 2 Level Cap PR 1

Besides, UR grade equipment with the highest competence joined Lineage2 Revolution. Players can build UR grade equipment by forging SR grade equipment above level 30 with four special materials acquired in Aden, including Recipe, Equipment material, radiant upgrade stone and scrap.

In addition, Netmarble rebalanced Red Equipment introduced this September and introduced hard mode to a clan dungeon Cruma Core.

Lineage2 Revolution added Elite Dungeon: Conflict Area into the game. Elite Dungeon: Conflict Area allowing PK features not only extremely difficult gameplay and limited entrance catered to high level players, but also tremendous rewards.

Moreover, the Tower of Insolence was expanded to 100th floor, while Temporal Rift started attracting the players with brand-new hard and very hard modes in its Altar of Madness and Countess of Blood’s Boudoir.

Lineage2 Revolution, from this update, will be offering further enhanced monthly sign-in rewards, for example S grade Exclusive Red Rare Amor Selection Box, S grade Exclusive Rare Amor Selection Box, and R grade Exclusive Rare Amor Box for new and returning players. All existing players will receive Blessed Scroll Selection Box, R grade exclusive (Red/Rare) Equipment Selection Box, and Maphr’s Protection.

Netmarble also runs Dice event from November 8th to 28th, giving away raw materials for UR grade equipment production, such as Unconfirmed Recipe and Ripped Recipe Fragment.

For more information on Lineage2 Revolution, visit the game’s official website( and Facebook page(

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