When it comes to competitive online gaming, LoL, or League of Legends, is a major league. The multiplayer online battle arena was introduced by Riot Games on October 27th, 2009. The game’s popularity has skyrocketed year after year, elevating it to an elite level that only a select few online games have ever achieved.

League of Legends, like other esports, has competitions spread out throughout the year and across several areas. The League of Legends World Championship is held annually in October. It is the ultimate goal of all the smaller events. The LoL World Championship quarterfinals are currently underway at MSG New York, so those who enjoy sports betting can take advantage of the numerous sportsbook promo codes available.

Understanding the Procedure of Team Selection for the Championship

There are a total of 22 teams competing in the LoL championship. Various teams from different parts of the world compete against one another. Many teams from certain regions can participate due to their historical success in the competition. The League of Legends Professional League (LPL) in China and the League of Legends Championship Series (LCK) in Korea have the most teams eligible to compete in the World Championship. The European LEC and North American LCS both accept three teams.

When discussing the worldwide circuit for Riot Games, these four regions—LPL, LCS, LCK, and LEC—are generally regarded as the most important. The remaining areas are referred to as “wildcard zones.” They are less powerful areas; thus, they can only send one delegate each (the PCS may send two). Each area plays two splits every year, and the best team from each region qualifies for Worlds if they win the summer split. The only way for a team from a region with a single wildcard berth to qualify for the Worlds is to win the Summer Split.

The Summer Split guideline is applicable throughout the four primary zones. But, there is another method to determine which teams travel to the Worlds, as those areas send more than one. The second and third-place participants in the Summer Playoffs of the LEC and LCS also qualify for Worlds, while the winners of the Regional Finals in the LCK and LPL automatically qualify for Worlds. The top four teams in the LoL championship points advance to the regional finals. If you make it to the playoffs during the summer or spring split, you’ll earn championship points depending on how well you perform. The Regionals’ top two teams are guaranteed a spot in the championship league.

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Understanding the Different Formats of the Tournament

The World Championship is a month-long tournament split into three phases, each with its own rules and formats: the play-in, group stage, and playoffs. Many people see the play-ins as the opening act. Teams who didn’t go straight to the group round compete in the play-ins for a spot in the next round. The fifth and fourth seeds from Asia and Europe, as well as the first seed from the Pacific Crest Series, begin the play-in round.


There are ten teams total, split between two groups of five for the preliminary round of the play-in. With the top team from each group advancing through to the next round and the bottom team being eliminated, the format entails each team playing a single match against each of the other opponents in their group. The third and fourth-place teams within every group will play a best-of-5 series, with the winner moving on to face the second-place team in the other group in another best-of-5 series; the two series winners will proceed to the group stage.

Group Stage

The action really heats up after the groups take the stage. Sixteen top teams from around the world will compete in this round for four spots in the quarterfinals and semifinals. For the first time, fans get to see how teams from various locations and playstyles compare to one another. In the preliminary round, there are four groups of two teams each. Groups are assigned before we know which teams advance from the play-in round, ensuring that no two teams in the same region will be placed in the same pool.  Teams play each other twice in the best-of-one format within their group, with the best two teams progressing to the playoffs. In the event of a three-way tie for first, second, or third place, the winning team will be determined by a match played between the tied teams.

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The playoffs are where champions are born and molded. Here, the top team in the competition will emerge, and the top eight global teams will battle for the title. It’s a single-elimination tournament, with the teams chosen randomly; the top seeds play the bottom seeds, and teams from the same pool can’t be paired against each other. Since all of the matches are best-of-5s, this is the most interesting section of the championship, as various playstyles will collide, and both sides will have to adjust.

Final Words

The LoL World Championship quarterfinals are taking place in Madison Square Garden, New York. Esports fans can look forward to a month packed with thrilling tournaments, unforgettable events, and an emotional roller coaster.

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