MSI, has recently launched its Mini PC line-up, featuring the Cubi 5, Cubi N, PRO DP10, and PRO DP21 series.

This array of minis caters to the requirements of the SMB , offices, hostels, restaurants, educational institutions, medical facilities, science labs, kiosks, and more. This collection of mini computers is designed with productivity in mind and featuring a miniature chassis, powerful processor options, exclusive software, and Thunderbolt 4, the Cubi and PRO DP series have raised the bar in terms of compact computing.

Cubi 5 and Cubi N

The Cubi series offers remarkable power with a small footprint of only 0.66 liters, making it effortless to access high-performance capabilities at your fingertips. Equipped with up to the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors, the Cubi series boasts incredible performance that rivals many full-sized desktop computers.

The Cubi 5 boasts a noteworthy feature: an extensive range of connectivity options. Despite its mini size, it offers an impressive selection of ports, such as Thunderbolt 4, USB-C, HDMI™, and DisplayPort.

In addition, Dual Ethernet ports on both Cubi series can improve network security by keeping the internet and intranet connections separate and preventing unauthorized access. It is also a reliable backup in case one port fails as the other one will be activated immediately.

Unlike traditional business desktop computers, the Cubi series offers exceptional customization and expandability options. Its design promotes easy upgrades and maintenance, allowing users to add more memory and storage, from M.2 SSDs to 2.5″ Storage Drives. This flexibility ensures that the Cubi series remains adaptable to evolving needs as a scalable computing solution.


PRO DP10 provides limitless potential while being less than 1.1 liters in volume. This pint-sized enclosure may seem unassuming, but it actually contains a lot of advanced technology. With its compact design, strong processor choices, exclusive software MSI Cloud Center, and Thunderbolt 4 capabilities, the PRO DP10 is intended to maximize efficiency and productivity.

msi cubi pro mini pc line up pr 2

The PRO DP10 has a wide range of IO ports, including DisplayPort, HDMI™, D-Sub (VGA), and Thunderbolt 4. This means that up to four displays can be used at the same time, giving users the ability to view multiple programs with great detail.


The PRO DP21 boasts a flexible design tailored to meet business requirements, all while maintaining a compact size of only 2.3 liters in a Small Form Factor. It can fit seamlessly into any workspace. It is optimized for contemporary business demands with the exclusive software MSI Center and diverse IO ports, enabling enhanced efficiency and productivity.

The PRO DP21 series is a valuable tool for connecting your POS devices, like barcode scanners and receipt printers. With its COM port and eight USB ports, it can easily link up with other modules such as operator/HMI, motor controllers, or vision systems in an intelligent factory.

Ecosystem with Enhanced Security Design

MSI’s Mini PC product line comes with a top-notch security design that boasts features such as TPM 2.0, Kensington Lock, VESA mountable design, and MSI Cloud Center. The TPM 2.0 of the Cubi and PRO DP series product line ensures a secure environment for business information, eliminating any worries about security issues. Using Kensington locks is a great way to prevent equipment theft in public areas like coffee shops or libraries, which are ideal locations for Cubi and PRO DP series desktops. These locks can deter opportunistic grab-and-run thefts, keeping the equipment secure and giving peace of mind for users.

The Cubi and PRO DP series feature a VESA mountable design, allowing them to be easily attached to any desired location. They can even be mounted with an MSI PRO series monitor, which enhances flexibility and provides efficient space management in both home and office settings. Moreover, the external power switch makes turning on the device incredibly convenient.

Alongside desktop computers, Cubi and PRO DP series integrate mobile devices that are indispensable in today’s life. The MSI Cloud Center is an exclusive feature that enables you to transfer data between your smartphone and MSI Mini PCs when they’re connected to the same network domain, which ensures a secure transfer of photos and data. With a single click, MSI Cloud Center automatically creates a backup of all photos and videos to a storage location of your choice.

Those worried about their private data being accessed by unauthorized individuals can feel secure knowing that the MSI Cloud Center doesn’t store shared files using any servers. Instead, the files are stored solely on Cubi or PRO DP series desktops. With the TPM 2.0, Kensington Lock, VESA mountable design, and MSI Cloud Center, the Cubi and PRO DP series provide a comprehensive Ecosystem & Total Solution for users. Now, let’s be productive and organized with MSI Cubi and PRO DP series desktops.

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