NVIDIA ACE is a custom AI model foundry that aims to bring intelligence to non-playable characters (NPCs) through AI-powered natural language interactions. With ACE, generic NPCs can be turned into interactive characters capable of striking up a conversation, or giving local knowledge that leads to new quests.

At COMPUTEX 2023, NVIDIA showed their ACE Kairos demo, featuring Jin the ramen shop owner, rendered in Unreal Engine 5 with RTX ON. In the months since, NVIDIA’s team has continued to evolve ACE to new heights. 

NVIDIA’s newest advancement is the inclusion of NVIDIA NeMo SteerLM, a new technique that enables developers to customize the personality of NPCs for more emotive, realistic and memorable interactions.

nvidia ace emotion ai npc nemo steerlm pr

Most LLMs are designed to provide only ideal responses, free of personality or emotion, as you can see by interacting with chat bots.

With the SteerLM technique, however, LLMs are trained to provide responses aligned with particular attributes, ranging from humour to creativity, to toxicity, all of which can be quickly configured through simple sliders.

Check out the demo on Youtube for more information.

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