CORSAIR and streaming partner BigCheeseKIT joins the “In the NVIDIA Studio” with an AI-powered announcement.

CORSAIR is integrating NVIDIA Broadcast audio and video features into its software, making it even easier for users to get the streams of their dreams. NVIDIA also spotlight the infectious personality of BigCheeseKIT and his thrilling streams with CORSAIR products and a GeForce RTX 3080 GPU powered system.

The NVIDIA Broadcast integration provides GeForce RTX GPU creators and gamers a heightened audio experience for their live streams with elevated levels of clarity and sharpness by enabling AI-powered noise removal and room echo removal audio features in CORSAIR iCUE and Elgato Wave Link.

The integration also includes AI-enhanced video features in the Elgato Camera Hub that produce high-quality visual backgrounds, eliminating the need for a greenscreen. All of this can be done from creators and streamers’ existing recording spaces, without the need to soundproof walls or ceilings, or even tidy up their room.

corsair nvidia broadcast audio video pr 2

Entertainer Jakeem Johnson, better known by his Twitch name BigCheeseKIT, produces professional streams that take advantage of NVIDIA Studio optimisations — like better performance in OBS Studio with the dedicated NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC).

The powerful and efficient features have saved him countless hours in creative workflow. “Quality and consistency,” he noted. “NVIDIA hasn’t failed me.”

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