NVIDIA just updated the Broadcast app with an Eye Contact feature, along with a host of other improvements in the recent 1.4 software update.

The Eye Contact feature simulates eye contact with the camera Рachieved by estimating and aligning gaze via AI. The eyes retain natural color and blinks, and there’s even a disconnect feature in case you look too far away, to transition smoothly between simulated and real eyes. This feature is still in beta phase so you may still find it unpolished.

NVIDIA also added Vignette effect, which is similar to those seen in apps like Instagram. NVIDIA recommends combining it with a subtle Background Blur effect to get an AI-simulated bokeh visual on your webcam to instantly improve visual quality.

Last but not the least, NVIDIA also integrated two popular community requested features: the option to mirror your camera, and to take a screenshot of your webcam. You may access these added features under the camera preview labeled Camera Mirroring and Selfies.

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