Recognizing the need for flexible and innovative solutions, NVIDIA has introduced Holoscan for Media, a cutting-edge software-defined platform designed to empower developers in creating and deploying AI-enhanced live media applications seamlessly.

Traditional approaches to media application development have been constrained by dedicated hardware and costly infrastructure. Holoscan for Media revolutionizes this process with its cloud-native architecture, enabling developers to leverage open-source technologies and streamline application delivery while optimizing costs.

One of the key advantages of Holoscan for Media is its ability to integrate AI seamlessly into application development. By providing a unified software stack for video and AI applications, the platform simplifies the integration process and accelerates the transition from pilot programs to production.

Holoscan for Media offers a growing ecosystem of partners, including industry leaders like Beamr, Sony Corporation, and Telestream, who are already leveraging the platform to transform live media experiences.

At the upcoming NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas, NVIDIA and its partners will showcase the capabilities of Holoscan for Media, demonstrating how it enables the development of next-generation products and services for the media industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore applications running on the platform and learn about its potential to revolutionize media content delivery.

With Holoscan for Media, NVIDIA is paving the way for a new era of media application development, empowering companies to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and competitive landscape. Learn more about Holoscan Media here.

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