If you’re a PC gamer, who’d love to try out the benefits of playing in the couch ALA console gaming, then NZXT has a good news for you in the form of the DOKO PC Streaming Device.


Basically, the DOKO is a wired PC Streaming device utilizing LAN connectivity. It is not powered by WiFi, thus eliminating latency issues. It is expected to feature just 50 – 80 ms of latency but output is limited to 1080P and frame rate is locked at 30 FPS though.


DOKO is a PC streaming device that connects to your network and allows you to easily use your PC in the comfort of your living room. Run office software, stream limitless media content and play PC exclusive titles – do anything and everything your PC can do, anywhere in your home.

The best that DOKO offers, is the use of just any PC hardware and a software made by NZXT to utilize it. It means that PC Streaming to a living room wont feature any kind of proprietary hardwares and softwares to be used.


In addition, the DOKO supports USB over IP, which should be easy enough for you to configure your peripherals. Surprisingly, NZXT didn’t add an HDMI cable in the mix, but they added an Ethernet cable and a power cable for it to work.

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